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    Lost Values.

    Before reading this post, take your time, sit down and read it slowly cuz it's pretty long.

    "Sunburst in Cattus Island"

    About a week into my attachment, and again, a lot of time to myself, I've started to notice things I haven't before. Guess I never really had a chance to notice these things with my old schedule. In a world of kiasu-ness and where paychecks become the driving force of most people's lives (or so I think), I find people or rather strangers that favour values. It's not so much that they favour values over money but I guess they're not as fortunate as some of us but heck, they make an honest living anyway - which counts. I saw an elderly woman boarding the bus from the bus stop during a heavy downpour. There were ample seats but she was carrying a lot of bags with an umbrella that was wet. She didn't know where to keep her umbrella but the bus conductor took it from her and placed it on the dashboard of the bus. After which, the conductor smiled and shared a joke with the elderly lady. I guess you had to be there to witness it la but it was nice to see that people have not forgotten their values. Values that we have been thought to embrace while growing up just cuz its the right thing to do. The HUMAN thing to do.

    You might know, or might not lol, that I've been attached to a hospital. Today I made a visit to a few wards visiting the young and the old. I was in the ward of the newborn babies and had to run some tests to see if they had jaundice or a G-6-P deficiency? I'm not too sure but I know we were checking for jaundice. Was just wondering what the babies would achieve in their lifetime. Day by day, diary entry after diary entry, triumph after triumph, defeat after defeat. Life literally waiting for the newborn to experience. People to meet, lives to save, basically a life to live. A joyous mood I was feeling, for these babies only had the best to look forward to.


    After that, we went to visit the ward for the elderly. The first few steps I took into the ward, the mood changed. It became really really sad. I think I visited 5 wards but that was enough for me to realise what I have realised from just observation. You never really fully understand something unless you've been a part of it as have these people. There was one ward that I visited which impacted me hard. It was this elderly man, my attendee was uh, attending to him and wanted to collect a blood sample. At first I looked at the man, I thought to myself "wah, this old man.. quite big ah his arm.. maybe he pumps iron or smth". But I couldn't see his other arm, he was lying on his left arm and his right was the only one visible - which caught my attention. The attendee came in, spoke in a normal level of loudness, addressing him by his name, trying to get his attention. In cantonese (YES, I can understand basic canto), aren't you Mr. So and so? The man did not respond. She repeated his name, and he again, to no response. At this point, I was fearing the worst for this man - you know what i mean. Before the 3rd try, the man responded in canto "I can't hear *pointing to his ears*. Could you speak up." I felt relieved that he was with us. She asked if his hands were swollen and he said "only my right". I realised that his right arm wasn't muscular, it was so swollen to the point where it looked as if it was. She proceeded to take the blood samples from his hand. On the table next to him, laid adult diapers. In the same ward, was what resembled a fusion of a toilet bowl and a wheel chair. It's basically for patients who are unable to move around on their own and without bowel control. I felt sorry for this man as the last thing that really got to me was that his veins were swollen, as in they were black and blue from the constant insertion of the catheter. This man was so ill, he had trouble with his bowels, probably both urine and stools, he had an impairment in his hearing, and I did not have the slightest clue as to what his primary illness was. I left that room telling and reminding myself how lucky I was. Being able bodied, being healthy, being so lucky to be in a good university, to have such a good life. To be so fortunate.

    "House on the Lake"

    At first, I was dreading the fact that I work so far from my home and I that have to wake up at 6am everyday just to make it work on time but I guess I'm getting used to it. I should stop complaining and be grateful that I actually have a job and an able-working body. On top of that, I have a great family, great bunch of friends who have grown up with me, great friends from my university. What more can you ask for? A Gallardo? An N97 mini? Think about the people who have no roofs over their heads. And you DO. Head down to KL and you'll see plenty of them. The next time you think your life is shit, comparatively, another person would give the world to be in your position.

    To my friends that are currently attached to a hospital, these people have their spirits down and PLEASE do serve with a smile. Even if its just a blood test, put yourself in their shoes, personally, I'm quite afraid of needles la so wouldn't you like the people around you to be nice i you were in their position? Yeah, so serve with a smile to everyone at the hospital, not only will it help the people around you but it turns you into a better human. It reminds the patients that you're human. Doesn't take much effort anyway :)

    On another note, I heard this song over the radio and it makes my mornings not so 6am-ish lol. The video is quite disturbing and smth's wrong with the buffer la but just let it load and give it a listen lol.

    And I may never find the meaning of life,
    But for this moment I am fine,

    All pictures are courtesy of Rachel Gouk and this is her website, please do visit! Or here or here. It's awesome work, really ;)

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