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    League of Champions.

    There's something about watching the best of the best do what they do. You watch sports.. (okay, I'm only going to talk about football) and have a favourite player, a favourite team, favourite play.. wtv right? Be it Serie A, Bundesliga or EPL (boo!!) a goal is a goal and a good pass is a good pass. There's a league that stands out from the rest as the ultimate trophy in club football. Yes, it is the Champions League. It pushes the teams that are already at such a great level to achieve err.. "greatness". Think about it, spanish champions vs english champions in a showdown that would settle the score between the "better" team.

    In the end, the trophy is basically awarded to the team who wants it more in the end. *cough*miracleofistanbul*cough* haha, what about treble season 98-99? Personally I think Man Yoo got lucky la lol. Anyway, when you watch it, there's something about the best of the best covering their ground. Gattuso V Iniesta. Kaka V Mashcerano. To watch your heroes fall or rise. Most of the time fall la *cough*johnterryhahaha*cough*.

    There IS an unwrittern rule of football tho. No man can wear 2 jerseys of different clubs. Afterall, it IS a more than a belief right? Haha. You can't pick 2 contrasting beliefs. The Reds, Old lady, Catalans. And of course, these giants have their playing grounds. The moment the opposing team steps on their ground, err... how do I say this.. the opposing team GG la. San Siro, Bernabeu, Theater of Dreams, Nou Camp, Highbury.. oops, Emirates. They wait for you to come and then they tapau you upside down la, basically put.

    Anyway, how much can I blog about the Champions League? As the name suggests, it's the league of champions, a league like any other where teams win or lose. In this case, its a league where only 1 club rises as a champion triumphant where others fall *cough*celtictryharderyoucandoit*cough* haha.

    Man Yoo needs an Iniesta or a Xavi,

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