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    The Panorama of Life.

    Okay, so my blog posts are mostly fueled by emotion. But I guess that comes from stoning a lot but then again, a lot of "alone time" gets you thinking and if you're out, observing too. Honestly, I don't mind having alone time to shop to eat to study or wtv. Well basically you do everything YOU want to do right?

    Last month, as I walked into uni, I looked down and stared at my shoes. They were dirty and wet since it rained the night before. And you know, it's those things where you start pondering about the stain on your shoe and how you got it. Pretty much taking about 10 seconds of your time before you get bored. Well yeah, I still don't know how I got that stain lol.

    Routinely, I walked towards the cafeteria ordering my daily dose of neslo ais to kick start my day. I stopped by the auntie manning the shop sells nugget/wedges to get some nuggets as well. Bout halfway to the library, or slightly less I would think, I turned around and decided to chill for a bit more in the cafeteria. I pulled seat and turned my iPod on. Enjoying my newly bought meal, I was surprised at the number of people that came to uni early that day. It was more than the average and it gave me more to observe. Okay, stalker much? haha!

    There was this one girl who was well dressed. Assuming that she had cared about her outlook and physical appearance, she was a person that didn't have much self esteem. Maybe it was the exam stress, maybe a fight with her significant other. Well, who knows? She was slouching slightly forward, hands in pockets looking down at the floor - with a beautiful head of hair. I was wondering to myself, what would a good-looking girl like her feel so down on life? Beats me.

    I'm sure it's something big cuz a petty matter wouldn't budge a normal human being. So that got me wondering. I mean, the thing is *touch wood*, a family member of hers could have been admitted into the hospital, a family pet passed away or wtv. I can't remember what I was thinking of. Again, the assumption is that something impacted her really hard cuz I don't think she would be bothered by something little.

    By the time I thought of this, she walked passed me and went to get a drink and turned to look at me. And of course, she would assume i was checking her out haha. I sorta was but not in the "haha, nice ass!" kinda way. Naturally, I turned away and that ended the observation process lol. Well, for the next minute or so I thought about what could have happened to that poor girl.

    Okay, random pic of beer. Sue me!

    It's interesting how something could impact her so hard on the inside with no one on the outside not being affected by it one bit. It's hard to explain, it's sorta like her emotions are totally insulated from the environment. Hmm, interesting really.

    Or she could just be tired and all of this could be just part of my imagination. But it's interesting nonetheless.

    Beautiful girl looking her best, takes off her towel, puts on a dress,

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