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    Illusions of life.

    Okay, I'm blogging more than I ever have in '09 lol. But maybe its cuz I have ounces of free time now. That gets me thinking even more which equates into more blog posts. Random thought, I think the people at blogspot were typing "blog post" really fast when choosing a domain name and ended up with the typo blogspot and stuck with it. Possible right? Try spamming and see lah, you'll get blogspot/blogpost. Or blogpsot haha - which somehow isn't underlined red, as in it's not registered as a spelling error.

    Another random note, I have no idea why my playlist is playing teen/emo/pop punk/me vs the world rock. Its on shuffle btw. I should update my playlist lol. The world is a very emo place. Or maybe it's just me. Once again, I'm doing a lot of observing from body language but I'm sure you guys do too. If you think you don't, you're doing it subconsciously. Basically, people that do not feel good about their selves show it. Hmm, how do I say it.

    Well fashion/dressing up is a confidence thing lah. Let's say you see a t-shirt you like, you tend to ask your friends for justification to whether they think your shirt is nice or not. If you like it then yeah, get it. If your friend doesn't then I'm sure you'd take a second look at it (probably a proper one). See the thing is, its a confidence thing, if you and your friend agree that its "nice", you're gonna think that it actually IS nice (which in reality is solely based on personal preference) and you're gonna get it anyway. See, you feel good about yourself when you think you look good.

    But then again, "looking good" is completely personal which is why there are diff styles - emo, preppy, lala and all that. They think they look good so it it they FEEL good and it shows. There you have it, dressing up is a confidence thing. You know, people that are not comfortable with their surroundings will show it la - slouching, leaning against an object, folding of arms, hands in pockets, legs placed closed together (an example stance would be when you sing your national anthem), loss of eye contact. Please, please, please avoid that list when going for presentations. Most people (and probably 90% of bosses) perceive this as having low self esteem, being an introvert and wtv else that's related la, i can't think of any. Not that I know but I'd rather employ a person that doesn't seem comfortable with him/herself right?

    Maybe that's why I'm attracted to confident girls haha. Okay, I'm not blowing my own horn but you seek what you want in the opposite sex. Kidding kidding. But for real, attraction doesn't mean partner lah. Attraction could be platonic, most of the time it is lah. The ones that seem confident could actually be masking themselves. Haha, this I was thinking of Hayley Williams from Paramore. Seriously, they are damn good live and most of the time playing live relies a lot on your frontman (and claims my friend, the drummer too haha). Think for a sec. I'm sure she has problems and all but still she brings a lot in live performances but still packs a punch as a frontman.

    Body language, speech, charisma, vocals - the whole package. She could be having probs or not, I'm not too sure but they're having band conflict lah, and w/o a doubt Paramore matters a lot to her and shakes her confidence. That got me thinking and following Hayley Williams on twitter haha. What am I trying to get at again, the post it way too long and I forgot my initial message. It was somewhere along the illusion of being and acting confident and how cute Hayley Williams is. Hmm okay, well I'm still gonna post this up. The thing is I bet you guys don't even interpret what I'm trying to say right? Haha, it's just "rather interesting reading material". It's up to you guys as to how it can affect you lah, I'm too lazy to interpret it myself. I give you the head and body you come up with the legs lah.

    Speaking of live performances, check this one out. Awesome! If you don't know it already, most bands can't play live AT ALL. Sorry to burst your bubble haha. *cough*jonas brothers*cough* well actually I don't know la, haha. I take that back, they're actually pretty good musicians. Follow me on twitter, haha!

    Moving to Atlantis, could've made it if you tried,