And I'm Thinking,

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    Okay so i can't sleep. I tried but I can't. Maybe its cuz I've still got 1 lab report and 1 worksheet due next tuesday which i cant stop thinking about. One on E. coli and one on respiration. Screw it.

    Here's a question. Would you rather be blind or deaf? I thought about it and I think I'd rather be deaf. I mean, I'd rather be able-bodied lah but I'm saying if i had to choose, i'd be deaf. Contrary to popular belief, blind people do not see BLACK and deaf people do not hear NOTHING. lol. Most of the deaf and blind people are partially(but of course, some cases are more severe) deaf or blind. All in all, id still be blind.

    my reasons (arranged in importance) being,
    1) I wouldnt get to see my loved ones grow. lol. as cheesy as it sounds, its true. i wouldnt get to see my friends grow into adults, i wouldnt be able to see my parents grow old , i wouldnt be able to see myself get ripped and hot (haha)
    well, people say love is a language the blind can see but i guess youve to be blind to actually know

    2)I think this would be reason #2 and it was a close fight haha. i wouldnt be able to check girls out. hey cmon please lah. sight is the sense then is most relied on okay!? thats why we have the bugattis, victoria's secret models, fashion trends and me. basically all that is nice on the eyes. haha

    3)it would be hard for me to enjoy all that is beautiful in the world. okay screw you for hantam-ing me. guys have their sensitive side as well. so sue me! im talking about my girlfriend/ my wife. i mean, sexual attraction has to be a done deal before getting into a relationship and im not being shallow lol. thats a story for a different day. regarding natural selection and all

    4) I wouldnt be able to watch the champions league and the epl, assuming that man utd will be constant contenders for both the trophies lol. alsoo, i wouldnt be able to play futsal anymore. and that would suck.

    4) It would be hard for me to get a proper education without being able to read notes/textbooks. like duh, i mean, i bet you sleep in lecture and read the lecture material anyway so why even listen in lecture lol

    6) i wouldnt be able to go shopping and enjoy it,watch tv and use the computer. all tied at #6. not THAT important i guess.

    I guess if i was deaf i wouldnt be able to enjoy music but i guess thats the lesser beauty right? or wrong? the basis of my choice is solely our reliance on the sense. i dont think we can live w/o sight. try moving around with your eyes closed for 5mins. itll be hard lol. thats how dependent we are on sight.


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