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    Hi, It's Me Again.

    Okay, before i get started with reading my journals and study for my pop-quiz (which i assume is tmr), i'd like to blog first. haha.

    Do you know what I enjoy? I enjoy sleeping after working. Actually, i enjoy sleeping whenever. It's the most peaceful/least stressful thing you can do. The best thing is, you're not wasting any energy when doing it. You get to wake up later feeling a whole lot better with a fresh mind.

    DO you know what I hate? The period of sleep right in between the moment you fall asleep and when wake up. I assume thats the deepest state of sleep you'd fall into lah, right? Well actually, I hate the periods when you start dreaming and when you get into the sweetest dream ever (and most of the time, mine's damn good haha), you wake up and ponder. Oh, feck, that wasn't real? And you'll start wondering is there are hidden meanings to the dream you just had. I've had pretty wacky questions ranging from "Is that a projection of my future?" to "Wait, but I don't even like her, or do I?". Yeah, pretty messed up.

    Second would be when you wake up when NOT getting enough sleep. Or waking up an hour before the alarm actually goes off. Well the first is kinda retarded la, everyone gets that on a weekly basis. The 2nd one is sorta like "okay, time to get ready". *looks at alarm clock*. wth, its only 7? (assuming you had to wake up at 8) *reconfirms by checking time on phone*. ahh, shit it's only 7. at this point you would already be alert enough to get ready but you go back to sleep anyway cuz you've got an hour extra to spare right? next thing you know, your alarm "didnt ring" and it's 930. haha. its a phenomenon really, alarm clocks just don't go off nowadays.

    another would be getting into a conversation or a phone call while you're sleeping. you say "yes'' to pretty much everything to make the other person shut the hell up. 2nd would be saying what you would normally wouldnt say in a given situation. okay, basically, you say "f*ck off" to your parents with a sidedish of "ciba*" haha, yeah.. thats the shit right there. lol

    well i don't know why i wrote this post. oh wait i do, lol. haha, had a super weird dream just now lah =/
    hey you guys remember her? super awesome!

    From the words of a great lyricist,
    "Tell me how they got that pretty little face on that pretty little frame",

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