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    Time beats 9.69s

    Time files. Simple enough to understand yet hard to explain. My friend once tried explaining the theory of relativity. She said "Albert Einstein said that when you see a hot girl, its like damn fast. But when you get a stomach ache, its liked damn kao long. Haha." Something along those lines, at least. Now i realise that she was pulling my leg, i still refer to her statement as MY interpretation of relativity.

    Anyway, time files when you're having fun. I can't remember exactly when my exams finished but the past few months were a blast. From Bangkok to Langkawi to Melaka, all the trips were awesome. Melaka, not really lah but its the company that matters, not so much the location. And school f*cking starts next Monday. Oops, tomorrow, I mean.

    First it was Bangkok. Damn, the food was awesome, the sights were great and the ah-quas were freaky. Left for bangkok on christmas and I wouldnt mind going back this Christmas.

    And next was Langkawi. I tell you, the ride there and back was a f*cking nightmare. But I still appreciate it. Thank you TK32. haha. The food, the beach and the kayaking. What am I forgetting. Oh yeah, tax free sia!

    You guys knew I had to put this up, right?

    And I don't really have pictures from melaka.

    See you guys soon!
    Btw, This post is a shout out to Jeremy, Sheng, Heng, Kiat and last but not least, Rakel <3!!

    Cheers, till next time clowns!

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