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    After a long hiatus, colingeow.blogspot.com is back in business - with a new facelift, i might add. Personally, I've missed writing and voicing out my take on things. Firstly, colingeow.blogspot.com faithfuls have to keep their pants on 'cuz the entries will be posted weekly. Or so I think. It depends on my mood lah.

    So, how has everyone been? How was your Christmas, New Year, Valentine's? I've been good. Okay, time to start on a post. This one's pretty light but it's been on my mind. Pretty f*cuking random, tho.

    Have you guys ever played a super hard video game? Super hard as in no matter what you do, the boss tends to f*cks you up time after time. You exploit his weakness and all but he rips you/your party apart like letting out a piss. Obviously, you'd get frustrated and desperate to kick his ass. What do you do?

    You go for cheats =). But what if you didn't have a GameShark or any cheating device? Most games provide in-game cheats but it requires you to complete a massive side quest. Kay, other games require you to finish the game to attain the cheats. This part ticks me off.

    WHY THE HELL are you given cheats AFTER finishing the game? It's like giving you a fork and spoon after you've finished slurping the congee from a bowl. Redundant, much? Makes no sense i tell you.

    It's like
    i) having a spoon after finishing steaming hot congee.
    ii) the answers to an exam after flunking it.
    iii) a remote control to a TV when you have a telephone.
    iv) giving a tampon to a male.
    v) getting coffee powder with no hot water.
    vi) having a waterproof teabag.
    vii) owning a solar-powered torchlight.
    viii) giving an Arab money. lol

    Well, you pretty much get it. It's ridiculous. I mean, of course you'd want to get the cheat during game play to aid you in getting pass that stage of the game. This post is pretty much very random but hey, haven't you gotten random thoughts before? I'm only human =).

    The takeover, the sweeping insensitivity of this still life,

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