And I'm Thinking,

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    Belief makes things real, makes things feel. Feel alright. It's pretty ironic. Belief makes things go both ways. Ever been in a situation where everything just felt surreal? As though you were living a  dream. Not dreams as in aims, but the dreams you get when you're asleep?

    Life, as it is, is pretty random - to say the least. One day you might be riding in the clouds and the next, diagnosed with a terminal disease. How would you take the news? Would you be man enough to step up to the plate and take control of your life? People have a tendency to not appreciate things when theyhave it. Yerp, pretty much same ol' same ol'. But what if you lost "same ol' same ol'"?

    People start regretting and saying how much they would have appreciated what they used to have. Homo sapiens are fucked up that way. Our brain tells us so but emotions, otherwise. Then agian, that gives rise to people saying "you'll never fully appreciate something until it's gone." Guess that's pretty much true.

    Oh, I'll stand by my belief.

    Don't ever stop rocking man, ever.


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