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    Start scene. I wake up to my handphone and the ceiling fan - at this point spinning in circles almost in a mocking manner. "F*ck", I say. Another day of waking up and hauling myself to lectures. Another day of being reminded of the presence of deadlines/datelines - however you spell it. Heading to the library, with the gust of cold air greeting my entrance. Scouting the area for any free computers to sit down for half a minute to join the line at the printer. I get home exhausted and drained, dozing off on the couch the moment i take off my shoes.

    I wake up to realize I've missed dinner and I proceed to switching my laptop on. I heat up my food and enjoy it over my iTunes playlist. I whip out my pendrive and continue my work and switch from reading, comprehending, thinking and typing. I save my work, pull out my pendrive and call it a day. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    That IS my daily routine. Probably similar in fashion to yours, probably not.

    Maybe having a routine is life's way of telling us how life is, f*cked up. As for me, I haven't been severely messed up by life, I want to make it stay that way. *touch wood*. There's a proverb "change is the only constant." Which IS true, actually. People dread the start of a schooling year, a semester, a new job. That's yanking them outta their comfort zone. K, at least that's something you guys can relate to. The new environment, unfamiliar faces etc, make it all the much harder.

    I guess, I should , WE should stop complaining and accept the fact that we'd rather have routines than change. No? Well, for me, I don't really hate my routine (as bad as I make it sound). I actually enjoy it. People just hate change most of the time. Even IF it's for the better. I've heard somewhere that humans are afraid of what they don't understand (or can't grasp), right? Hence, change. We can't read change - if we could, it'd be foretelling the future.

    There's something 'bout the way the hair falls in your face,

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