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    Spoilt for Choice.

    When you go shopping, right. Probably for clothes. What you want would probably be choices, no? Or something that would fit your age group. Kay, that sorta fits as being a "choice" - sorta. Well, if you were to be spoilt for choice, you'd of course enjoy yourself right? Kay, assume everything IS affordable lah. With a variety, you'd of course have picked out a few things. If you could only get one, which would you get? Which would you prefer? Which would be your preferred choice? Okay, shut up. Let's say you can't pick both, Mr. Smart Alec.

    Okay, you were having lunch - you want a meal. Think Asia Cafe or that food square in ss2 or ss4 - a place with a lot of choices la. You walk rounds and rounds but you don't know what to eat. You shortlist the shops. One by one, you end up with two shops. Which do you pick? Haha, you're screwed now. Unlike the paragraph before this, you can't eat gobble down 2 meals. How are you gonna manage? Choices, choices.

    What about in school? You didn't have much choice right? But you settled for it anyway. People grumble and complain about having so little to choose from. We tend to grow with it and get used to it in due time, no? Well, if the food was good, you wouldn't give two-hoots about if the choice was bad right? I mean, you can't eat the same thing everyday but assuming that quality is in the emphasis, rather than quantity (not totally ignoring the latter). Wouldn't that solve the problem?

    And between A and B, if you picked B. You'd probably regret picking B and think, "if only I had taken A". You're gonna end up regretting anyway. So why choose anyway? Why go through the trouble of choosing and its "forthcomings"? I don't know really. I guess the reason lies in some people wanting B and others, A.

    Where am I going with this? Many people don't know what to eat. So, we give them more choices. They are still unhappy. How to go about la? Improve the quality lah! So, it's taking it from a different point of view, basically.

    Thinking outside the box doesn't normally solve the problem, but at times people just forget to do so - when it is most crucial. Another thing is that, based on this concept, if you were to rely everything on thinking outside the box, you'd end up with 1 stall with extremely delicious food. Yeah, then what about A and B? Some people want A. Some people want B. Well, then incorporate some common sense then. Get a few shops with good food!
    Thinking outside the box and having common sense. Master those then. Easier said than done. Adios!

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