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    It's amazing how time really flies. Collectively, 3 years seems like a long time but when you break it down, it's not much time, actually. 3 years, 365days a year would give 365 x 3 = 1095, providing one year being a leap year, fine. 1096 days at the most. A thousand rotations of the same routine would make it sound even longer right? Well, it does, but it's not.

    '02 la okay. Class trip to Melaka or somewhere.

    3 years ago, I was in my second last year of high school. I had this booklet that described all the pre-universities that were popular at the time (A-levels, ADP etc.). I was reading through it in class with my friend and my form teacher wasn't too happy with us not attempting work at hand. Typical la right? It was just English, it was even Lit. So I was asking her which pre-uni was good. She told me,"Why bother about it now? Get your work done." So, whatever right? I was just form 4.

    Omg, rachel. Look what I found! Haha.

    2 years back, all the hype was on about which pre-uni everybody was heading to. Everybody had so many prospects and so much potential. Everyone started prepping themselves for the trials and then our finals. Of course, in the midst of all the franticness, we graduated. It's more symbolic than anything else. Personally, I think we should have graduated after our finals. Anyhoo, we graduated and it hit everyone that the best part of their lives were over - according to some, at least.

    It's never goodbye. It's see you later. Adios.

    A year ago, quite a proportion of my now ex-schoolmates went to a different college. I stood my ground and went in fresh. Orientation. Crap. Nobody goes for it anyway, right? Well, things sped up and I was sitting for my finals. Pre-uni ended and this was the start of another new chapter of life. Graduated again, and yet, another year older. Although, i still regard my pre-uni life harder than uni itself.

    Had a speech of appreciation for my Chem teacher on Teacher's Day. She was awesome.

    And then again, I enrolled in to a university of choice (sorta). AND there it is again, the big-O. Okay, not sexually, bitches. Orientation la. Bla bla bla, yaada yaada yada. I'm here now. 15/8/08. Now that I think of it, I DO have some regrets but doesn't everyone? I should have taken my teachers more seriously. Shouldn't have played them for fools. Minta maaf, cikgu.

    Stupid cow. Wanna go to the beach? HAHA.

    My tuition teacher once explained that as we age, more technological advances arise and that's why time passes by more quickly. As in, he meant that there was more things to do la, globalisation and all. He also said "When I was a kid in the kampung ah, time passed really slow. We climbed all the trees and swam in all the tin mines. I really enjoyed my childhood."

    Okay, end of post. Sorta nonsensical. Erm, *awkward moment*. At the end of the day, its how much you've accomplished without leaving anything behind, really. A friend told me, frankly, I can't remember who, that s/he had a friend that was a top scorer, had a really good network of friends, had good positions in clubs. Basically, a very impressive CV. But, the thing is, after all that work, he realised he didn't have a close group of friends to share things with. So, why bother? If you can give up that kinda friendship for success then go ahead, BUT I gotta tell you, you're missing out on a lot. It's fundamental to have great friends, imho.

    *The pictures ARE in chronological order. And the were from the corresponding years. Enjoy!

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