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    Excuse the wordplay. Resolutions, resolutions. Do people stick to their resolutions at the start of a period? Say, a new year, a semester? A fresh start to things tend to conjure up funky things that would be less frequently thought of. People say the person you spend New Year's with is the person you'll be spending time with the whole year. People also say if you with upon a shooting star, it comes true. Gosh, people talk about all sortsa' crap.

    Which leads me to resolutions that people set. "I want to finish my homework on time". "I'll try harder in the relationship". "I want to become a better person". Do people make up all that crap? DO they really work towards resolutions/goals they set for themselves? I guess. But ain't it till a certain extent? Most things in life become so objective. "I want to become a better person". What does "better" actually mean? Is there a cut-off point?

    Okay, wtv. Pretty pointless. Resolutions are made in an effort for a better change in an individual. Sticking to it is up to the individual. It's what the individual sees and deems as "better" which leads to an eventual change in him/her. It's pretty self-explanatory but I kinda stumble upon my words. Let's say I see being friendly as being a "better" person, I'd change for the "better" - in this case, being friendly.

    This is, of course a very linear perspective. People are complicated and have different issues to deal with. Different issues = different resolutions. If people don't stick to their resolutions at the start of a year, wouldn't it be a waste of a whole year? If so, then why bother making resolutions at all?

    Kay, what about different mindsets being "better" to other people and not so much to others? Get what I mean? I'll use the past example. Being friendly (as I said before) might not be as appealing to other people as "better". I guess, relate the morals that life seems as better. The general ones, to be safe. Hard work, heart, commitment, principle. lol. That kinda thing.

    So, people. Stick to your resolutions whenever you make one. If you don't then what's the point of living at all? I'm gonna get myself some durian now. It's 207am and I've got a lab class tomorrow at 9am. And i haven't gotten myself a lab partner as yet. Adios, tards!

    Give me 5 minutes, and I'll melt your cold cold heart,

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