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    Fresh Start.

    Hola! Class starts tomorrow after a long, rather undeserved semester break. A month passed by super fast and I'm not "keen", to say the least, with the restarting of the semester. But I guess some people are practically shitting in their pants awaiting the reopening of the lecture halls and tutorials. Hey, different people, different perspectives. I like sirap bandung, you might like sirap ais.

    Maybe it's because they had bad holidays. Maybe it's because they're going thru a rough patch and want a breath of fresh air. Maybe they just f*cked up their 1st semester of '08 - you know, wanting a fresh start and stuff. It's kinda quick how time flies as you get older. Don't you feel it too? Form 5 ended all too soon. Pre-U was like a brief stroll in the park. I'm constantly waiting for the year to officially "commence" (which is after Chinese New Year - if you get what I mean) and I fail to realize that the year's already half gone.

    Well, forget that. Ever dug a hole so deep for yourself that the only way of coming out of was starting over? Did that come out right? Sounds wrong but you get the point, right? Ever f*cked something you did up so much that the sanest way to overcome it was to start afresh? Life, being the way it is, doesn't let you start afresh. Then again, that doesn't sound so bad. If keep restarting, when are you gonna end up completing what you have at the start?

    If you don't really finish what you start with then what do you accomplish at the end of the day? Nothing. That's it. Plus, if you keep starting over till you get something you want an complete it with ease, what's the point? Only through hardship and work is where we learn, no? When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Prepare yourselves for the upcoming semester, 'tards!

    No, I'm not done yet. Examples are in relationships. Given a 2nd chance, try not to mess it up AGAIN. Not to say 3rd, 4th and so on. Sometimes it's hard but, in the end it's worth it. AND excuse me, this does not sound very fairytale-ish 'coz this is very fundamental. If you were sitting for an extremely hard paper and score a HD in it, wouldn't it be worth more than a relatively easy paper? So, there it is. Fresh starts may not always be good.

    What a beautiful lie,

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