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    Humans have a wide range of emotions. Apparently, worrying and anger bring the least benefit - if at all. Not so sure bout that but I think worrying deters an event from being forgotten. Sorta like, "Eh, sorry la bro, it slipped my mind la". Yeah, pretty much.

    People constantly doubt themselves.

    Especially when money is on the line. You tend to foresee the obvious hints people send to you. You start that trip down paranoia lane. "Is he psycho-ing me?! Is he luring me?! F*ck, I'm not confident with my cards lah!! Holy shit, keep your poker face on". Familiar? Btw, psycho-ing literally means mind-f*cking.

    Another case of doubting yourself comes into play in shopping malls. In restaurants, in parking lots and in shoe shops.

    "Which should I order ah? The spaghetti or what?? Aiyah, same la, right? They both taste great anyway." "EHH! Parking! Should I park here ah, mm, should I be GREEDY?" And so on, and so forth. I wouldn't want to continue my monologues to reduce my already diminishing number of visitors xD

    When in doubt, whip out your funky pants and do the "robot"! Haha. The post might be sorta awkward but I wanted to update you guys on why I've not been updating my blog, lol. Sorry for the short post, lol. I didnt want re-start off with a deeper, more personal post.

    I'm constantly hungry, I'm afraid I might be pregnant,

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