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    Deceived by Looks.

    I don't think I'm gonna apologize this time round. I think I've said once and I'll say it again. My teacher in Form 4 and 5, who was coincidentally a lecturer from Sunway Uni College, the college that I attended, and I do admit I miss, taught me one thing - since I was sort of a delinquent during my adolescence. "If you don't mean your apology, then why bother saying sorry? If you mean your sorry then then change for the better." So, yeah. I don't really think I want to change for the better at the moment.

    I'm smothered with perpetual sets of lab reports, online quizzes, essays and whatnot. It gets really monotonous which is NOT what I want, I want it to be more clockwork than simply black and white. It gets boring no? Well, anyway. Being bored with life kinda shows. Being "bored" sorta depends on the expectations of the individual, right? You go to school/university/work and involve yourself in a community. After all, what is a community BUT a bunch of individuals?

    Each individuals has his/her ups and downs, thick and thin moments. Well, I was sick the other day, like, sick as a dog. First day of the 2nd week of class. I guess it was a way for the institution to welcome me back. Sorta like a big "Hola!". Was wearing a sweater and I noticed that my shoelaces were untied. I felt so miserable that I didn't bother fastening it into a knot. If you were bored, it would show too - hence, the introduction, lol.

    Yeah, I looked pretty untidy. Well, if you were to look at me and judge me, wouldn't you reckon I'd be someone untidy? I guess I was. But the thing is, looks DO show the substance on the inside. People talk about masks and how they can effectively shield their "innards". Some people might be good at altering and manipulating their body language into giving off different vibes.

    I'd talk about impressions and vibes but I think you guys already know enough bout that. Let's see. This was kinda impromptu blogging so I don't know what exactly I'm trying to get through. lol. Erm, let's see. Ah, well, I've met people who, I would assume to be shy from the way they look, actually tend to be that way when I meet them.

    I guess, this could help you out by looking friendly, open and stuff. Smile more, wave at friends. Be friends with the heads, the boss, the lecturers. It makes your life easier. Show off your personality. Mould yourself into what you want to be - isn't now the perfect time to do that? lol.

    What's in a name? That which we call a rose,
    By another other name would smell just as sweet,

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