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    You, Me? Her.

    Im'ma back! How are you guys? I'm kinda glad my exam's over but I'm not sure how I faired. It could be a matter of not believing in myself but everyone has their flaws =P. I'm not quite sure but I think my batch finished extra early in comparison to the other schools. On another note, I was talking to my dad about the job prospects of my degree and he reinforced what he said time and time again.

    And I quote (well, not really, but it's somewhere along those lines) "It really doesn't matter what degree you have under your belt, it's if you're bright or not. Did you know that IBM employs any university graduate? It's because after you graduate from the university you tend to develop logical thinking capabilities". and I replied "uh. ok". So I guess I'll just start using my brain more instead of just mugging for exams, aye? ; )

    People, are in fact (from a scientific point of view), evolved animals. Keep that in mind. But over time, humans evolved into a system that's governed by a higher level of intelligence. All in all, humans introduce intelligence in their daily lives, solving problems, making their lives easier. We know what we want in life (at times) so that we can obtain it to improve our quality of life. Yes, yes, it sounds very selfish and/or scientific, moreover, inorganic.

    But it's true, it's self-preservation, in a sense, i guess. Humans want the best of all worlds - if it is possible, someone would do it. And please, don't give me bullcrap that you're not greedy and/or selfish. When you're playing mahjong and you can "sek" with a possibility of a "pao", you go ahead and wait for "pao" right? And after that some else wins. Sorta like the story bout that greedy dog that wanted the bone of his reflection in a lake, lol.
    *"Sek" means to win the game. "Pao" means to win the game with max. points and therefore, more payout.

    That's just an example lah. Again, everything in life contradicts. This sorta concept occurs almost instantaneously (it would be faster if I didn't just wake up, lol) in friendship. 2 friends, A and B have gotten to know each other and friend A is a fairly better friend to B than B is to A. Get it? A treats B better la. B treats A not so good la, lol. Then with acquired intelligence, wouldn't A reason out that he would want a better companion and friend? Ditch B! Well, yeah, it wouldn't happen like that.

    NOT naturally, at least. The whole idea of emotions and principles come into the picture. Humanity and whatnot. Intriguing. There are also boyfriend & girlfriend kinda situations where they are together and even if one partner is not treating the other party as such, they wouldn't just end it right? I mean, s/he, is assumed not to be a dumbass or a moron or both. They wouldn't leave each other for that SOLE reason. Contradictions a-hoy.

    So what IS the ultimate answer? It lies somewhere in between emotional intelligence quotient(EQ) and the normal everyday intelligence quotient(IQ). It's how you put, organize and mix-match your uncertainties. THINK without being influenced by emotions, friends and examples of situations you're in TOO MUCH. Hope you've enjoyed my post and stay tuned. I'm going to try to make these posts more frequent. Good luck and au revoir!

    "Like air guitars in muscle cars with perfect teeth, the way we are,"

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