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    Hi Homo sapiens. No "philosophical" view on life today. I've had time to think of a few things that are rather intriguing but I'd rather update you guys with things I've been doing for the past semester, or the past few weeks. Well, semester 1 just ended last Friday and the uni seems quiet as ever. Although if you do ever come late to uni, the seats in the library are are common as a parking spot in front of ac on Saturday nights or when them Taylor's/Inti/Metro students go to school, lol. Yes, it gets THAT rare.

    The end of the 1st semester brings change and reminds different people of different things. It's another semester till everyone starts specializing and starts majoring. Every other person in my course is doing Biotech and I don't know anyone taking my major as yet. I don't know lah. People say a Bachelor of Science won't really guarantee you a job, but wtf lah. Maybe I'll just switch to engineering. Well, that's a different matter for a different day, lol.

    LiYing, if you're reading this, this sign is from Strawberry Fields, lol.

    aaand, everyone's finals is coming, that's why the library is always packed with people. Sometimes, for all the wrong reasons, haha. People tend to be on Facebook or Friendster or Dota when they're supposed to be studying. But, it's okayla, they need breaks once in awhile, right? Haha, sluts. I've got my Bio paper on the 9th and Stats on the 10th. The last paper, Chem on 16th. Then it's waiting till the new semester opens to meet new people! Well, not really but, whatever la, right? lol

    New bunch of freshies coming in, so our batch won't really be the freshies anymore. We'll be in our sophomore semester haha, such a thing? I've made a bunch of friends, most of which, are asian haha. More precisely put, ORIENTALS. haha. Great people I've learn to mix with and appreciate. There are friendly people in my course but if you were to ask me their names, you'd be asking the wrong person, LOL. I'm just very bad with names. AND if you're name is chinese like uh, DongXyiangFr'ng or smth, then I'm sorry but I've gotta meet you at least 5 times, lol.

    Behold my Totem Pole.

    My finals are coming up and I've not really been studying. There's a strong relationship between me and the tendency of f*cking up my finals. I just don't know why. I don't want the hassle of the exams and having to prepare for it. It can get annoying. When the going gets tough, you just need some "divine inspiration". I GOT IT! Here, check it out.

    haha, lame, I know.

    P.S The transferring thing to Engineering was a whole load of bullcrap. HAHA. Imho, I wouldn't want my life revolving around numbers. Catch you guys later!

    You're drop-dead gorgeous,

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