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    Told you I'd update more frequently(sorta). The holidays just started for me and it's already getting monotonous. Harsh, eh? Monotonous. Kinda reminds me of Christmas.

    Do you celebrate Christmas? Most of you do, right? Or the holidays - preferably in my case (a long a break after exams). Before the Christmas and the exams, of course, there is the build up for the festivities. And towards the end, the build up is so great, the expectations for something to follow and continue the flow of mass euphoria pretty much fails.

    As an example, before Christmas, in shopping malls, Christmas songs play, shop assistants put on them red santa caps. With little or no exception to a Christmas tree inviting you into their shop. And an even greater Christmas tree in the concourse area (like that one in Pavilion last year, and that was huge, lol).

    You feel all that rubbing off you and get caught in the spur of all the festivities and expect something great to follow. When Christmas comes, you expect too much and get disappointed in the end. Pretty much like the holidays, after the exams, everything you wanted to do just seems so un-enjoyable.

    So, that's the story of expectation. It also happens during the exams when you've put your heart into the paper and expect it to bear results but it doesn't. To me, this negative point of view on expectations pretty much seems like emotional suicide.

    Generally speaking, don't expect too much outta anything in life. Be confident with your words/judgement but don't expect a lot. Most of the time, input ≠ output. So, keep that in close proximity and you'll be fine.

    Hey, you win some, you lose some. You can't win 'em all, you know? If you keep winning, then what's the point of life anyway? With no challenges and all.

    Close yet really really far,

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