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    Then Why'd You Ask?

    Holy shit, there are so many mosquitoes that are hovering around me. There have been a lot near my area recently. Random. Okay, how's your week been? Reflect. Are your finals drawing to a close? Your end-of-year semester exam's just around the corner? Mid years? Cramming your head through your summer break? Got closer to resolutions you've set?

    You know what? I don't really give a shit. How do you feel now? haha. Well, I, fellow readers, I DO give a shit. In other words, I care about what you guys think what makes the world go round, lol. I assume you go to school, or work or to wherever that you frequently visit. And, no man being an island, haha, you of course make colleagues, coursemates, classmates, schoolmates - that kinda shit.

    Walking to your cubicle/lecture/library, you brush shoulders with someone more than an acquaintance but less than a friend. You know, more than hi-bye but too uncomfortable to hang out with? haha. Well, it's not the hardest thing to do wave at them - although sometimes they don't wave back and it can turn out retarded. Or you could just walk up to them and engage in a conversation.

    Colin : Hey man.
    Random : Hello.
    Colin : *smiles* No class ah? Taking your time and all.
    Random : Got lah, but I'll be going late. You?
    Colin : Chemistry at 10. Freaking damn lazy to go lah.
    Random : Haha, tute or lecture?
    Colin : Tute la, lectures retarded la, sometimes you learn nothing.
    Random : ........*plays with phone*/*looks in wallet and counts money*.. yeah.
    Colin : Eh, dude, I chao lah, lecture starting soon.

    Experienced that situation before? Well, I have, not recently though. It's rude that people do that. I mean, you do that to avoid being rude la, right? But if you do that then wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose of talking shit from the start? It becomes even more obnoxious when you do that, retard. You try being friendly and start a meaningless conversation (although, that's what most people do most of the time, or at least I do). But if you're not gonna f*cking listen, then why'd you ask in the first place?

    It shows that you're just asking for the sake of asking and not really bother. Okay, fine. Sometimes the world seems the way we want it to be. Like in these conversations, just ACT as if you're listening, coz it kinda pleases the other person and doesn't seem so rude. Even if you're not really comprehending and/or processing what you're taking in. After all, who's gonna recall a meaningless conversation over what you had for lunch? or if your dog took a shit in the house?

    IF and IF it was important, it would already stand out and you'd remember. Well, basically, some people don't really give two hoots about your problems or your life story - unless it's interesting OR unless you guys are already friends. This is my take on life, though. It's a selfish world, people rule it with their hedonistic needs. That's pretty much how the world works at times. Dog eat dog world.

    Have a good week ahead! And don't worry, the world and life functions in so many different and possible ways - many good and bad. Hope you've enjoyed reading. Thanks to the colingeow.blogspot.com faithful.

    I've killed 6 mosquitoes,

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    Jon said...

    this has to be one of your more downtoearth yet funny posts. nice read =)