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    A Little Less Conversation, Little More Action?

    To whoever is reading this post, Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Night. Depends lah, what time you're reading this.Haha, how's your week been? Was it bad? Good? Finished your assigned workload? Talked to that special someone? Made your parents mad/happy/proud? Would you tell me about it? Would you tell anyone?

    Friends, aquantainces and companions talk and converse daily about almost everything and anything. Except for things that bother them the most deep deep inside. It's ironic really, if it bothers them so much, why not just talk about it? Well, yeah. That jolly well makes enough sense, right? By this point, you should already realize that everything in life does not really have to make sense. It doesn't? It has to make sense? Wake up then.

    If what bothers them really bothers them, then wouldn't what is bothering them define them as what they are as people? Am I making any sense? It's pretty hard to explain lah.

    Okay, I got it. What really troubles them is something personal, right? And exposing that would make them vulnerable. I think that's why people find it so hard to do talk about what really bothers them. Well, what's wrong with being vulnerable? Haha. You've all been in that position right? Where you've been vulnerable and hated it. Probably vulnerable emotionally? That's another story on its own that doesn't need telling at all to all you people, lol. (being through the emo teenage life you guys had/have)

    I think why people don't like talking about their problems is because they don't want to be judged be people. Being vulnerable and then judged crushes someone's self-esteem, self-belief, moral values. It's harder to recuperate from crushing of emotions than of bones. Pain is just the body's way of telling you that something's wrong - both physical and emotional. And obviously, nobody wants anything wrong la, right?

    We, as humans, are emotional. When we show our true colours, we don't want to be shot down by blatant, sharp remarks that chill to the very bone. Okay, fine. I was exaggarating lah, but you get the picture, right? No man is an island - or a woman at that. That's why I find it ironic how people just do not talk about what makes them tick deep inside - no matter how "picture perfect" their relationship is on the outside. By this point, you should already realize that everything in life does not really have to make sense initially.

    Have a good week ahead!

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    Just Dropping By said...

    Dear Colin,

    This is a very interesting post. But then from your words, can I assume that you haven't really exposed to anyone your deepest fear? Or something that bothers you deeply. Because I think, you wouldn't write this if you had. Please correct me if I am wrong. And sorry for pre-assuming things.

    It's not easy to confine to someone, like you've said, people hate judgements, and they certainly hate to see their pride being crushed. But I do believe that everyone has that one special person in their lives, whom they can confine everything, honest and true, to that very special someone. It might not be your soul mate; your life partner; your best friend; or even your parents; It could be a total stranger. Or it might not be a total stranger, but people close around you.

    You might think this is ridiculous, but then when the time comes, you'll know, when the most distant person or relatives or family members, could become your closest friend, in just a few words. Confession.

    I have a very dear friend whom I really confide everything to. She does the same as well. Even though we don't hang out together; or even meet; or even talk. Everytime we talk, we chat about our deepest secrets. It's a very special friendship, that doesn't need our special attention to make it develops. It grows itself. And there's something wonderful about that.

    See ya around.

    ColiNgeow said...

    mm, yeah. not really. It happened to me before once upon a time but that was a some time back but, thanks. And I think I have a hint as to who you are.

    : olivia said...

    Awesome post (:

    ColiNgeow said...

    mmm..? which olivia is this?

    : olivia said...

    Erm, the short one from srikl? ><