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    And Your Point is?

    Hello again, I think my posts are becoming more of a weekly thing. I can barely find the time to squeeze in updates and more importantly, think of ideas to blog about. Well, semester 1 is coming to an end and my finals are coming. As cliche as it may seem, I'm not ready for my finals but whatever lah. That's the way life works. You're never really ready for anything big that comes your way. This is going to be a long post, so try staying with me.

    Few years back, I pondered upon the sole purpose of going for higher education and studying in general. I was form 5, probably revising and I asked my tuition teacher, "Sir, what's the point of studying? I'm probably never gonna really use all this crap in real life, anyway." He said, " well, good point, but you need it to enter college."

    So, I just took his words lightly and continued doing my work. Recently, (well not so recent lah, it was probably some time during our break between the end of f5 and pre-university, even if you call it that) I thought about what he said and I figured, what's the point of the knowledge then? after college, then university, then Masters then Doctorate? (for you retards, f5 is a.k.a year 11, lol)

    Some of you might say, it's the degree la, it's that piece of paper that you pay for. That piece of pressurized wood (or whatever) that says that Mr. Bla Bla (and normally, they screw your name up) has achieved a Bachelor of Science (Medicinal Chemistry) from HooHaa University. The certificate, basically. You get the certificate that will certainly give you that push in the youth of your career. Well, if you plan on focusing your career on research then of course you need what you learn in university.

    But, I'm assuming you Malaysians want money, that's why you take courses that are soo hard, just to get better job prospects and kill yourself in Year 1 itself xD. Okay, okay, I'll cut it out, you MBBS/Eng students, lol. Most of us aren't even gonna use what we learn coz we don't get as much money in research as in other fields. Plus, research is very stressful, hours and hours of studies might lead to nothing.

    Here it is, in the university, the lecturers expect us to be independent and not spoon feed us. The interesting part of the universities is the "coursework" part - not the final exams. The coursework, the labs, projects and assignments are sections where we analyse our problems, critically think, evaluate and solve them. It's a skill that is VERY important. Invaluable in fact, anyone can understand that 1+1=2 and what happens when demand exceeds supply in a FOREX market - but not learn.

    Am i getting to you? If you were to learn, you'd know how to answer 1+2 and what would happen if supply exceeds demand - providing that 1+2 and if the idea of supply exceeding demand wasn't introduced to you initially. Okay, wait. How do I explain this.

    If i were to tell you as demand exceeds supply in the FOREX market, the currency of a nation would appreciate. Now, tell me what would happen if it was the other way around? ASSUMING you didn't learn this already. You'd say that it would depreciate, huh? Well, smart guess, you're right. There, that's learning. Solving problems, critical thinking and all.

    In coursework, our lecturers gives us a project/assignment/lab report and expects us to encounter any problems by using our brain to analyse, critically derive a reason, bla bla. Get what I mean? So, with that skill, depending on how well you master it, it gives you a boost in climbing the corporate ladder. With better problem solving skills, people want you to work for them - duh! Throughout all the major disciplines - Science, Bus. Admin, Arts, etc. , we use our brains to solve problems and be independent learners.

    To sum it all up.
    Important = problem solving, critical thinking, analytical ability, independence.

    Not so important
    a) what you learn in facts (Rydberg equation, integration, film noir, Hund's Rule etc.),
    b) what you major in. (but of course, your major has to differ in the same discipline. Eg. Chem. Eng, Elec. Eng are both from Eng. You can't compare BA and BSc - totally different disciplines)
    Another way of putting it, its harder (not impossible) to enter a law firm with a degree in Biotechnology.

    Thanks for tuning in guys, hope you enjoyed my post. AND I can't wait for semester break. For everyone having their finals soon, good luck!

    'Coz you're not only visual candy,

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    i like your blog and their photos =)
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    ColiNgeow said...

    haha, no worries, no worries.
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