And I'm Thinking,

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    A year older, A year wiser.

    Hakkas will rule the world someday. Meantime, I have 2 hokkiens that are worth every single pixel of this post.

    When cash is on the line, after a long night of Hold 'Em, your weakened mental strength, an empty pocket with a side dish of grime xD, is all you have left. Then, you just want to chill with a simple mindless game of BlackJack.

    Of course, if you get 21. Hurah! But if you're having "one of those nights" you just turn damn dulan and start swearing. "Kanasai eh, my cards. Seriously KANASAI!"
    When that happens, you know the dealer is trying to con your money(eventhough s/he isn't,lol)
    *note : flaring of nostrils signals frustration*

    Most of the time, it's Jing. BUGGER.
    When I "stare cock" at you, you know I want to win your money. HAHA.
    Happy Birthday Yu Jing!
    Have a good Birthday. And 1 more thing, Giggs should retire.

    Who else is gonna let me ride in their pimped up MyVi and pump petrol 6am in the morning?
    With such a "keng chao" custom number plate?
    Happy Birthday, again!

    Altitude sickness? Nope, not for this Hokkien.
    Who's that up there? That Argentina jersey seems all toooo familiar..
    Rakel!! Haha. Good times, good times.
    P.S. Just realized, you were quite high up. o.O

    You remember that Rache?
    Haha, we were wearing our Santa Hats on the 24th!
    Yes, Rache, I know it's a good picture.
    You can thank me online later on.
    Happy Birthday Rachel Gouk!!
    *See you at Christmas C'=*

    There's not much else to pen down, or rather, keyboard down? Okay fine, that was so damn lame. THE BASIC ideas is to wish you guys happy birthday and to have a great one this year! I can't meet you Rachel, unless I fly over to New Jersey and kick your ass, lol. For you Yu Jing, I'll see you on Saturday lah, okay? I spend you minum Mango Special or wtv la, HAHA.

    As fragile as a brown maple leaf in fall,

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    RakelClark said...

    AWW!! Colin! Dem sweet la you! Grinning like a sohai now... I loved it! esp the part where if you came to jersey, u'd kick my ass. XD
    ahh.. the things you would do for a hokkien. =)
    lots of love!!!!!!
    p/s: Christmas seems like such a long long time away!