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    Perspectives on Judgement.

    In the midst of completing, or rather, continuing my weekly dose of lab reports, I tend to work less efficiently under less pressure. Other people too, no? I'm gonna screw the lab reports and do some studying - that'll be more effective.

    Well, I guess the fact that things like "don't worry lah, the lab report's due on weds, today only Sunday whaat" pop into my head, I have a reduced sense of urgency until the the very last few days. I guess it'll hit me on Monday, lol. I've already started actually, I guess I'll do it in the library tomorrow.

    Back to the topic at hand. I've said it one too many times, and I'll say it again. "Different people have different perspectives on things." I'll put you in a situation and you determine what you'd do, kay?

    Every month, you get a monthly allowance. If you finish it before the month's over then you're screwed. OR you could get a monthly allowance+cash for "emergencies". And, having not enough money as mentioned before, could be stated as an emergency. Which?

    Let's say you're a parent and your child is in that situation. What would you do? Personally, I'd give him/her no extra cash for emergencies and make him/her learn that s/he has to use his/her money sparingly. So, the money I've passed to him/her is already inclusive of "emergencies". What would you do?

    People that are brought up differently have different views. Let's use this as an example. Any particular student has a different mentality than any other given student. The only difference that discourages him/her from breaking the rules is obviously, his/her mentality.

    Two basic inferences on mentalities can be derived.
    1. "I guess it's okay to break the rules if I don't get caught. But even if I do get caught, I'll just pay the price."
    2. "It's not right to break the rules, it's the principle of breaking the rules that is wrong."
    Same thing if a thief that commits theft, no duh! It's okay if I steal. It's okay if I kill. That's just the way life is. It's karma. I'll pay for it later, I don't mind. I'm not sure what's the driving force that propels different mentalities. Society, environmental factors, yes?

    I've contemplated on what the sources could be and I've arrived at a conclusion. It's how retarded your childhood was, lol. If your parents raised you saying "stealing and killing is perfectly fine - just don't get caught get or you'll have to suffer the consequences if you did". Yes, this sounds absurd. I'll explain why it sounds retarded later.

    But what drives you? Most of you who are reading this blog probably have parents who have good morals and ethics. And of course, it rubs off. Your parents have thought you good from bad and with age, you dig deeper into what your parents "enlighten" you with. Our fundamental morals and beliefs are from what our parents bestow upon us. Like, seriously.

    People barely change their basic fundamental mentalities throughout life. That is why, how retarded your childhood is determines how retarded you are now - with the fact that your parents determine your childhood. Of course, at this age, our state of mind deviates from our parents but the original ideas are the same.

    Having debates with your parents about states of minds and whatnot brings out the best in you. You learn the best in yourself and I know this sounds so damn gay. lol. Most of my posts are. haha. Anyway, we're at an age where we know whats right and wrong - which is again, is a perspective of what our parents teach us. With our concepts of right and wrong, talk to your parents to determine what kind person you turn out to be.

    I'd love to learn your name,
    If you could see this side of me,

    P.S Parents are not necessarily the source of our genetic material. I'd say that bears the least of importance. It's what they present to us in the form of guidance, emotion and support that makes them our parents.

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