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    Nope, no introduction. Straight to the topic. Ironic, much? =)

    It's really interesting how people can really good in masking their emotions. Imagine this, a group of people laughing away, talking about their day and obstacles, etc etc. Although they are constantly having a giggle, an individual or everyone in that group might not even want to be there. Get what I mean?

    It's hard to explain. Hmm. A group of 5, talking over lunch, blabbering over petty, useless crap. All 5 of them might not even be comfortable at where they are, masking their emotions towards one another. Don't assume that these emotions are negative - they could be positive as well. Someone having feelings so strong for another, and not telling? I guess that's considered a positive emotion, no? And, you know lah, negative emotions. "!&^%#*, that person, &^@." You pretty much get the picture.

    It's sorta like how a father or mother hides his/her emotions for the good of their children. Another way of putting it is, or a general way of saying it is that people hide their emotions for the common good. This is the important part. The common good, is, and most of the time, not the common good at all. People assume/believe that their image of the common good actually is the common good. MOST of the time, it isn't.

    That's not the real interesting part.
    People say emotions are so powerful and yet people can keep them under control. No? It's the magnitude of the emotions that separates people from breaking down or just keeping their cool. Some people are just plain emotional. There's nothing wrong with that, it's the way they're wired. But it just makes it that much harder for them to cope.

    Emotions, emotions. Big word. By not showing people your emotions, you are masking your emotions and sometimes, people just can't tell. The public can't tell the scale of severity of your emotions - be it happy, sorrow, emo-ness.

    Moral of the story? Of course, keeping it all in is bad. So, just don't keep it bottled up inside. It's okay to lend your shoulder, give a shoulder to cry on. It's okay to go crazy in public, be crazy with someone else in public. On the contrary, sometimes it's just best to keep it all in. It's just how you weigh things in the end that measures up to how you deal with all the emotions that come with stress, joy, sorrow, bla and blah. You get the picture?

    I don't know,

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