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    I like it, you don't?

    It's interesting how people can have deviated views on different topics. Not only that, a variety of individuals have an even larger variety of perspective. That's what makes us interesting, or uninteresting - if you may, lol.

    If you were to assemble a bunch of idiots in a room and leaders of the world in the other, what would you expect from them if you asked them a question? "My car has barely enough gas to make it to the next state. What do I do?"

    Which do you think would happen? "Great minds think alike"? So, would the leaders "think alike" and fall on the same conclusion? That phrase doesn't make much sense now, ey? C'mon, great minds think alike? That's so nonsensical. If great minds think alike, then wouldn't we just need 1 great mind to run everything?

    If I were to have 10 great minds, I would get at least 10 great and very different ideas. Agreed? Well, I would like to address the idea that everybody has different tastes and voices on everything - which is so intriguing.

    No 2 people are the same. Unless they're cloned - and it is possible. People tend to only resonate in aspects of their personalities/interests. In other cases, different people have different tastes. Something that individual A dedicates his life to, could be something individual B hates for a living (i'm just giving an example, lol, no one really hates something for a living).

    You understand what I'm getting at, right? Differential tastes in individuals occur in every person on earth - ranging from music, art, tastes in clothes, food. But, that's the funny part as well. Is there anything on earth that is universal? Is there anything that everybody likes?

    Well, I thought of a few things that are universally enjoyed and I made a list.
    i) Nothing
    ii) Zilch
    iii) Nada
    iv) Zero
    v) Null

    It's weird how i only got a list of words with "Zs" and "Ns" lol. There is nothing that everyone truly enjoys universally as a whole. Universally, people cannot agree on a single general notion.

    Give me a chance, we'll dance the night away,

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