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    Somewhere between my "Acoustic", My Chemical Romance and Silverstein playlists, I realize how much my music taste has changed over the years. Well, it hasn't changed since I was 14/15 but that's not really what I'm getting at. Different people enjoy different music. Music makes the world go round.

    Why do different people enjoy different music? And why do some people just enjoy "anything that sounds good"? I've came up with a simple hypothesis. People that enjoy "anything that sounds good" are essentially, music lovers. They love listening to octaves and sexy rhythms that pleases their soul - if you may. Yeah, that's it.

    What about people that enjoy only a certain genre of music? I'm assuming that that genre of music only incorporates certain "tunes" and lyrics where their listeners can relate to. Don't ask me about songs like "Crank That" or err "*insert bad song here*". I'm not sure how people can relate to being Superman and crap but hey, let people lead their lives lah.

    Like for Norah Jones, she only plays certain type of music throughout her whole album(and possibly career). Same goes for other non-sellouts. Artistes that do not sell out keep their original style of music and genre, like duh! Emo music, being at its peak now (or is it?, i don't know) tells tales of problematic relationships, school, problems in life, generally.

    People that experience hardship, euphoria or lust listen to music they can relate to. Even after that stage of their lives, depending on the severity/scale of their experience, people are more inclined to be stuck to that genre of music. Most of the time, the genre of music is determined during adolescence or the post-adolescence "era".

    On a totally different note, there are them pop-punk bands(New Found Glory, Simple Plan, Blink 182) that everyone in high school seems to love. A good example. What are the lyrics to some of their songs? I'll give you a line or two.

    New Found Glory - Dressed to Kill
    "I know it's hard for you,
    To understand what I'm going through.
    But now I sit here to remind myself,
    You're always dressed to kill."

    Simple Plan - God Must Hate Me
    "Last night I had to study for this test
    I forgot man I'm dead
    And now my brain is bursting out of, of my head
    I can't think I can't breathe."
    Blink 182 - Story of a Lonely Guy
    "She makes me feel like it's raining outside
    And when the storm's gone I'm all torn up inside
    I'm always nervous on days like this, like the prom.
    I get too scared to move, cause I'm a f***in' boy. "

    Sounding vaguely familiar? High school-ers can relate to that type of music.
    I nailed the examples, eh?! Hope I've enlightened you on why different people like
    different music.
    "You're always, ALWAYS dressed to kill,"

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