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    Emotion or Fact?

    RE-cap. Life's just the way it's supposed to be, you know, simple giving and taking. Of course, everyone being selfish, always wanting to take. In the depths of my emo-ness, I mean.... During one of my lectures, lol, I realized that the attendance in the lecture hall was far from satisfactory. Maybe it's the way i'm brought up but isn't skipping class just plain rude? How would you feel if you were the lecturer?

    Well, this leads to the topic of the post - Emotion or Fact. People who have a higher sense on control of their emotions tend to base their decisions on fact. And ultimately, people who are more emotionally-inclined tend to decide things with respect to their emotions. What would you do?

    At this age, we're already capable of differentiating fact from emotion. Even so, people still tend to make mistakes in choices they're not supposed to be making. The reason would be not knowing the magnitude of the of the "fact" or "emotion" that's placed on the table. To put it blatantly, people can't measure the significance or consequences of picking "fact" or "emotion".

    It's hard to go against your emotions at times, no? Let's say your pet dog wasn't looking to well - coughing blood, getting bald patches. You bring him/her to the vet and find out that s/he is terminally ill with NO chance of surviving. At the vet's, you find out that another dog is in need of a transplant in the next 5 hours. AND your dog's a compatible donor. What would you do?

    The logical/factual thing would do is to give up your dog's life to save another, right? Since s/he's already dying anyway. But no, you wouldn't do that if you were in this situation. That's a basic concept of what my interpretation of "fact" versus "emotion". Well, I'm assuming you love your dog, lol. I'd use other examples but a dog's a fine one.

    Another happens on a daily basis. After doing something wrong, you tell yourself "You already know it's wrong, why'd you have to go ahead and do it anyways?". Again, another case of "fact" vs "emotion". As I've said before, we don't know the magnitude of the situation that would rise if we were to pick "fact" or "emotion". Am i losing you guys? You guys get me, right?

    My statements are biased towards choosing "fact" over "emotion" but at times, choosing the latter has its plus sides. Most of the time, however, "fact" prevails - after all, it IS fact. It just depends on the situation. I guess asking someone else for his/her opinion on things would be less biased when compared to you, yourself, making the selection.

    To sum it all up, what I'm trying to say is to make proper choices in life and attempt to clear your thoughts in making decisions - no matter how minute. The factors might not only be fact and/or emotion. It could be other elements. Think critically. If you can't then try asking a friend. After all, what are friends but shoulders to lean on?

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