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    Beauty, Personified by Emotion.

    Damn I'm tired. Just had futsal and I think I need more exercise. Barely halfway through the match, I was already gasping for every molecule of air. I walked back. Yes people, I walked back okay? lol. On the way back, I looked at the buildup of cars on the way home with the sun setting on the horizon. Somehow, all of that was a little too much to take in. It could've been the extra adrenaline that I called upon during the futsal session. I don't know.

    And I reached home, I had dinner and took a shower. After the shower, I laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling and tried to picture that moment of "breathlessness" - if you could call it that. Maybe it was because of the rain before futsal that made the walk home all the more enjoyable. Or it could be just be me. Hahah.

    Think about the topic. The only reason why something is beautiful is solely based on emotion. I don't think there is any other reason. Call me Mr.Obvious if you want but have you ever wondered how something is beautiful? I bet not. Don't tell me your girlfriend is beautiful coz of her eyes and hair, bla bla bla.. Of course the physical human figure exerts a sense of beauty, probably the most intense, lol, but you're referring to her eyes and hair.

    How do I say this, you use a physical aspect to determine what is and is not beautiful but instead, it's pure emotion that's telling you that. There. Do I make sense now? lol, I'm always asking at least one rhetorical question coz I want you guys to understand my post, lol. Not saying "Wtf is he talking about". Haha, back to the topic.

    As I was saying, It's pure emotion that explains beauty. Be it human grace, the sweetness of a shot on goal, the mind-shattering landscape, it is based on human emotion. Me, myself would like to give a looong list of what I think is beautiful but colingeow.blogspot.com would lose its "charm"/readers =D.

    Human emotion being the very essentials that separates us from the beasts is also what defines us as people. Different people have different emotions, therefore, different definitions of beauty. Something beautiful to someone might not be to someone else. People say beauty is overrated but I say, to hell with you. It only is overrated if the individual claims it is. Anyway, what does it matter if what you declare as beauty really is beauty? =)

    Ever heard "music soothes the savage beast"? Of course you have. I'd say beauty soothes the savage beast - but then again, wouldn't music be a form of beauty? Ever heard a piece that just moved you or made you rock so hard, your pants fell off ? ; ) . And of course, there are instances where beauty is over exaggerated. Again, another phrase - "It was beauty that killed the beast", from King Kong. Ironic, really.

    AGAIN, I've could have made you guys appreciate beauty a little bit more OR just wasted 10 mins of your life - if I did then, listen to this.
    Confucius say, "Two wrongs not make right, but two rights make U turn".
    At least you had a joke. HAHA.

    P.s Note to readers - beauty comes in many shapes, forms and manifestations. Keep an open heart and your eyes peeled - you never know what lays in the corner of every turn. Also, have you told your girlfriends/boyfriends that they're beautiful? Say it only if you mean it coz it'll make their day. I THINK LA, OKAY? It should. C=

    If you did a "super-saiyan" pose, I'd fall for you,

    P.s.s Jeremy Toh Lik-da and Jonathan Mark Lim Guang Wei, if you guys are reading this.. SHUT UP. HAHA. No preconceived ideas, please! lol. Have a good one guys!

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