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    Life's Like a Box of Chocolates. - Mr. Gump

    High school was a real joy ride for me. I learnt so much and more importantly, I had tons of experiences. Singing on corridors, running around in class and just not giving a rat's ass about what the teacher wanted. Yeah, I guess it's really immature but I wouldn't wanna have my high school life any way else. Well, mid Form 4 (in 2005) , I earned myself a 555 book. No, you don't say it as five-five-five book. That just sounds retarded. It's called triple five, lol.

    Well, only the "privileged" could get their hands on a 555 book, haha. The very few reasons why we get the 555 book was mainly because :
    i) The Class Control book was too often misplaced whenever our names were jotted down in it. Go figure!
    ii) The principal or a higher authoritative figure needed a firm hold on us.
    iii) They just wanted to mess around with us - lol, nah. Just kidding.

    The grades are written on the far right hand side of the booklet and A's are the best and D's are the worst, no duh!? The teacher judges us and gives us a grade based on our behaviour and completion of homework - simple enough?

    Okay, take a look. You basically redeem a free rotan for every "D" you get, lol. And cheekily I asked the principal if we could rotan him for every "A" we got. If only it worked that way - I would be getting A's for the rest of my high school life.

    And so, I just avoided the D's and you'll be home free. But I got this.. And he gave me a rotan. But before that I asked why. Obviously, I didn't get any D's. He replied ", You got 3 C's. That's just as bad." Okay, so i was new to the trade and I had to learn its tips and tricks.

    Physics - Notes (Reduced Attention). C-
    Maths - Exam Discussion. C-
    Add. Maths - Notes and Example Exercises. C+

    So I learned that some teachers were more lenient than others in grading. I used that to my advantage.

    I've never touched my additional math homework for the whole 2 years I took it (I focused very much on tuition, lol). Despite that, I didn't get a rotan for it.
    The comment says " Copies note, homework incomplete!". B
    Somewhere along those lines, lol.

    Okay, this says "Last week work haven't pass up". B
    It's add math, lol.

    Incomplete. A

    I don't know why, but I got an 'A' - WHAT AN IDIOT. Haha, nah.. The teacher was being nice =) Maybe because the subject before this was graded an A too.

    So, the subjects that I couldn't be less bothered about, I just took my time to reach back to class. BUT sometimes, the teachers just don't believe us when we commit to a good deed. It's maybe because we're always so full of shit. So much so that they can't trust us no more.

    Maths - Came back 20mins late after science. Punished with 30 squats. C

    Here, I was actually helping another teacher carry her books up the stairs since she was old and had to carry a whole lot of books and crap. AND I got 30 squats. Oh well, it was a relief teacher anyway - a disciplinary figure, at that.

    Physics - relief class - went out to get something with my permission but returned 20 minutes later. C

    I just got bored...or hungry.. or bored AND hungry.

    Well, based on the "rotan scheme" shown to you at the start of this post, take a look at this, lol. It was just one of those days where you just want to have fun. Haha. I didn't see the principal that day, lol. I just eventually stopped visiting him after that type of "judgment". LOL, the "E" Grade isn't even in the "rotan scheme". HEY, at least I got an "A".

    Bahasa Malaysia - Poetry Revision. A
    Chemistry - Still doesn't pass up the exercise book. D
    History. B
    Moral - Project. B+
    Chemistry - Revision. E
    Principle of Accounts - Revision & kicks ball towards window. D
    Freaking hell, my chemistry teacher wasn't done with me first time round! Haha.
    P.S. I love her English.

    Judge me all you want. Form 4 was the year that I learnt so much as a human being and also the year where I learnt crap from being a student, haha. But hey, I'm doing fine now - doing what I enjoy doing (i.e having an interest).

    An imperfect little smile tells an untold tale of grace,

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