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    Sipping With Uncertainty.

    Hi guys. Eliminate any preconceived notion about this post being a philosophical view reflecting the very foundations of life. Well, I don't like blogging about too heavy a topic coz then I'll probably lose you guys somewhere between the the start to the end, lol.

    Anyway, ever drank through a straw? Okay, dumb question. Have you ever had a sip through a cup that was opaque? Yerp, them paper cups you get from a fast food outlet. It's funny how when you drink through that cup with a straw, you continue sipping and hoping that the drink had an endless supply of divine liquid that you were savouring.

    Although you know that it's gonna finish (by laws of chemistry and physics), you somehow don't want it to. Denial sets in and you deceive yourself by convincing yourself that there actually is more soda in the cup than there actually is. Haha. Get what I mean? The only reason why that uncertainty exists is because you can't really look through the walls of the cup that holds the holy water - if you could call it that, haha.

    Well, i lied, lol. I'm relating it to life, haha. But it's not heavy lah. While you gulp down that drink, and you just roughly know when the drink will finish, that sorta is like a manifestation of the concept of life - or rather, parts of it.

    People believe what they want to believe. Simple enough to interpret, innit? Furthermore, there are extents to what people want to believe in. Let's say a scientist, a very theoretical based one at that, that does not believe in life after death - you know, the ones that believe in decomposition of the body (Nitrogen cycle, Carbon cycle, bla bla), loses someone close to him/her.

    Mr.Scientist then goes against his principles and starts to believe what he wants to believe (i.e life after death, rebirth). Get what i mean now? I'm just using the drink as a simple concept/example, lol. There are tons of examples that I could give but I think you guys already get the picture.

    Another, is the opacity of the paper cup and the weight of the liquid in the cup. Wad am I tokking about? Haha. Think of it this way, the opacity of the paper cup as the inability to read things happening in life AND the weight of liquid in the cup as an estimate as to what is happening in life. Did you get me?

    Cup opaque = can't read things in life AND weight of liquid = estimate of what really is happening. Sometimes, relying on our 5 senses doesn't give you a good picture of what we are actually experiencing but people do it anyway. Okay, okay.. I'll put it Layman's terms coz I'm hopeless when it comes to explaining concepts.

    When you drink from that cup, you hold the cup with the liquid inside and by depending on the weight of the cup, you can tell how much liquid there is in life. BUT, there are other confounding variables that might be lurking. There might be tons of ice in the cup or the cup might just be heavy. And also, in relation to life, there are other hidden elements that might affect the final result significantly.

    SO, the moral of the story is that,
    i) Don't sell out your beliefs eventhough it's the easy way out unless you've done enough research/study.
    ii) Try not to assume coz in the end, you make and ASS out of U and ME. Yeah, lame but true.
    iii) Incorporate variables that could alter the weight of the situation.

    Step-by-step, it's easy as ABC,

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    Anonymous said...

    interesting way of putting it mate.. bit of an eye-opener. good pics too.=)

    ColiNgeow said...

    haha.. thanks man... appreciate your comment xD