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    Shuffle, Rinse, Repeat.

    Well, I think that the last TAG was pretty much annoying. So I'm gonna do a whole new one. lol. You might say I'm too free but I just can't settle for less sometimes.

    1. Describe yourself.

    The World's Greatest (R.Kelly)
    AHAHAHA.. seriously, I didnt pick the song, lol.

    2. How has the past 17 years been for you?
    The Special Two (Missy Higgins)
    Erm, pretty much. =). Always having and image of "the special two".

    3. Whats going on in your mind lately?
    Fix You - Coldplay.
    Haha, if you can't fix yourself.. Isn't that the next plan? xD

    4. What has been a great influence to you?
    Home - Buble.
    Yeah, it has.

    5. I am currently....
    It's a Dream - Ganjaguru.
    Well, It'd make more sense if the title of the song was "In a Dream". Oh well.

    6. I want someone who is...
    It's Not Over - Secondhand Serenade.
    uhh... Is what means?

    7. I can't stand people who are...
    Voices - Saosin.
    And I think this is where the tag starts to be pointless, lol.

    8. What is better to do than to blog now?
    I Love You - David Tao.
    haha, I've learnt that "love" is a very strong word. I'd rather not comment on "loving" someone other than my family members and my brothers.

    9. My blog is all about...
    Light On My Shoulder - Susie Suh.
    Hmm.. not really my blog.. but my life? I don't associate my blog TOO much with my personal life - just my notions. I like to keep things private. =)

    10. 10 years from now, I might be...
    Strong Enough - Stacie Orrico.
    Haha. Yeah, I hope I will be strong enough. Life is tough, okaay?

    11. Shuffling is...
    You Don't Know Me - Buble.
    Well, I guess.. Shuffling isn't my sorta thing. I'm always up for a slowdance ; )

    12. Foosball is
    Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Yes yes. Why do you build me up, buttercup baby?

    13. I love..
    Everything - Fefe Dobson.
    One word - melodramatic. xD

    14. Whats your best pickup line?
    Greatest Story Ever Told - Oliver James.
    I'd rather not comment.

    15. Where did you put my wallet?
    Kau Ilhamku - ManBai
    And again. It makes no sense.

    16. What do you do when you see your ex pass by?
    Satisfaction - Benny Bensassi.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This one is good. haha

    17. If I could turn back time, I would..
    Shining - Edge of Fire.
    Yes, if I could turn back time, I would shining.

    18. When you're at the movies, and the couple behind you is making obscene noises, you would turn around and say...
    Heaven - David Archuleta.

    19. What are your preference on girls?
    Cryin' - Aerosmith.
    Well, they got that way off. Girls crying is the world's worst phenomenon.

    20. Your favourite food at 12 midnight.
    Travellin' Band - Credence Clearwater Revival
    Well, I guess most of my songs wouldnt make sense, lol. I dont have songs that are also food items as titles.

    21. For the people out there who read this, I'd like to say...
    5:19 - Matt Werz.
    Err.. I'd like to tell them a time? lol.

    22. Describe your college life.
    Hikari - Tainaka Saichi.
    WELL, Hikari means light as in sunlight. I don't really get this one. lol. Maybe it's symbolic. AUSMAT made me learn tons of stuff, though. haha

    23. If you could say one last word to your loved one, what would it be?
    Drift Away - Dobie Gray.
    Sigh. Depressing, much?

    24. What would you want for your next birthday present?
    Wordplay - Jason Mraz.
    Haha, getting a long list of buildings/phrases with wordplay wouldn't be too bad a pressie.

    25. I totally dislike...
    Cupid - Sam Cooke.
    Well.. they got this one wrong again.
    But, nice song guys. Get it!

    26. Favourite slogan...
    You'll Be Safe Here - Rivermaya.
    Not really, lol. But i've used it more than once. haha.

    27. I am going to...
    Aerodynamic - Daft Punk.
    Yes, i sure am..

    28. After you've played a game of football in the mud, you yell to your opponents..
    Love Me For a Reason - Boyzone.
    Okay, let's get things straight. I don't know how this song ended up on my iTunes playlist, okay? haha, but its a good answer, lol.

    29. If your life was was written in a book, the title of the book would be..
    Vulnerable - Seconhand Serenade.
    And again.. This is so i-hate-my-life-and-i'm-from-high-school-and-i'm-scared-to-give-my-heart-coz-im-afraid-of-being-vulnerable.

    30. Describe your iTunes library.
    Death Do Us Part - A Change of Pace.
    Yerp, Yerp. Only death will do us part. Again, good punk rock song. Get it =)

    31. Diet Coke is bad for health because..
    Ohio is For Lovers - Hawthorne Heights.
    lol. hahahaha. No connection whatsoever.

    32. Whats your opinion on PDA (public display of affection)?
    Try A Little Tenderness - Buble.
    Yup, that's the way to go. Wouldn't you agree?

    33. If someone you've been longing to talk to, brushes you off when you call him/her, what goes through your mind?
    Naluri Lelaki - Samsons.
    lol. I guess "naluri lelaki" translates into "my ego is big and i can't take this kind of treatment, you !^%(@"

    34. Why are you not studying now?
    Theme Song - Doraemon.
    Uhh.. I think Christine/Izul sent me this song. lol.

    35. If a girl kisses you, how would you feel?
    My Boo - Alicia Keys feat. Usher.
    WELL, your boo doesn't have to necessarily be the girl to kiss you, lol.

    How bout YOUR life on shuffle?

    Haha, I'd rather you guys to do this one tag than the other one.

    When we bump into each other,

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