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    No Man is an Island.

    This post is gonna be more of a memoir than anything else. I don't think most of you might find this suiting your taste but I just wanted to voice it out.
    Thank you,

    Well, 3 weeks into the semester, I've met plenty of hi-bye friends, foosball friends, hi-bye-how-you-doing-friends.. You pretty much get the picture lah. I've made friends - yes, i'm not sociably retarded. OR am I? Well, I wouldn't say I am coz I'm just picky with my friends that come into my "inner circle" if you could call it that.

    Basically, the people I've hung out or gone out with are in my inner circle - places where I can just chill and don't give a fuck about what's what. Maybe that was a bit too harsh. Basically, they're just situations where I can just let my hair down and have fun. Being stripped of that and just thrown into a new environment isn't that new for me so I sorta get used to it with time. In AUSMAT, i didn't know anyone - I made friends that I could chill with and just be cool with.

    I find it hard to find a clique where I am now but other people tend to be doing just fine. I guess its just interest. No other students in my program tend to resonate with things I like to do. This may sound EXTREMELY selfish but hey, isn't that what you do with your friends? Having similar interests and just talk about it? Yeah.. I just can't find that clique. I just can't stand talking about shit I'm totally not interested in and pretend to be interested.

    And again, very self-absorbed? I wouldn't think so. I guess it just takes time lah.. I remember having the same feeling in the first week of AUSMAT but the 2nd week was okay and the 3rd was already so much fun. Time passes by way slower here.. What? You're asking me to grow up? Being in a university is about studying? I say, "Fuck you".

    Being in a university is all about the experience. The experience of having about 23 hours of class per week and spending the rest of the time doing God-knows-what. The experience is about waking up at 11 and deciding what to wear to class coz eventhough your cupboard is full of clothes, you've already worn that outfit too many times. The experience is about meeting real figures of education - the Doctors, Proffessors and the Dean. The experience is about being in a lecture hall and scouting for chicks that you think are hot and check 'em out when you need that 5-second break from the lecture. The experience is a whole new train ride.

    Relating to the topic, I tend to wander aimlessly on campus with my headphones on completing errands and just spending most of my time as alone time. When I come home, I don't really talk to my parents or my sister - for that matter, bout what really ticks me off, keeps me going. That kinda mumbo jumbo lah. No man is an island. I just miss having good times where you can just fucking laugh your ass off for no apparent reason.

    Good times, good times. AUSMAT was fun and I guess that part of my life flew by. Haha, and i still can't find a clique I can be cool with lah.. It's not that my friends at my university aren't cool.. they are really great people, actually.. but we're just very different people la - to put it simply. I don't wanna dig in further coz then this post would be too personal and become too uncomfortable for me.

    I'll update tmr or sometime soon coz I don't think this post appeals to most people.
    P.s I apologize for the foul language, typos and colloquial sms terms such as "tmr" and "coz".

    I wouldn't be an Island anymore if you'd step onto my white sandy seashore,

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