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    Innovative Inventions.

    It's kinda interesting how most gadgets came about - even the simplest of inventions. Ideas and concepts of these day-to-day items are taken for granted most of the time. I'd say, an interesting one would be the nail clipper, lol. Yup. that sharp thingy you use to trim your filthy fingernails and/or toenails. Haha.

    But there's one thing I don't get. Why are there bottle openers on them nail clippers? Was there ever a time where you where "reducing your nail length" and was thinking.. Hmm, this nail is kinda long.. *in a burst of energy* Holy Shit, I know! I'll get a beverage that requires the use of a bottle opener! OMG! There's one!

    Yes, I don't know how innovators worked that out. lol. Okay fine, think of it in a different scenario. You're walking around in your house.. Opening that bottle of beer or whatever and you realize.. *hmm, this beer's pretty smo... I WANNA CUT MY TOENAILS! Whoa, that's convenient - it's right there!* Mmhmm, however it may seem - it just seem plain retarded. lol.

    Well, yeah. Other than having a nail clipper and a bottle opener on the nail clipper, there's also a knife on it. I don't know What the hell you're gonna use that knife for, I mean.. It's not even sharp for crying out loud. It's like having a wax coating over your teabags so that your tea leaves won't brew in your hot water. Yerp, pretty much.

    Haha, random much? That's the way the mind works - in mysterious ways. Haha.

    Shazam, I wouldn't mind getting to know you,

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