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    The colingeow.blogspot.com faithful have read my post entitled "Grief". Basically, I didn't do as well as I wanted for AUSMAT. The other day, I received a letter in the mail from Curriculum Council. I hoped that they had my results posted wrongly - HEY, a boy can dream, right? haha.

    "Dear Mr Ngeow, there has been a mistake in the allocation of your results. You actually did a damn good job lor. You scored in the top 0.01% percentile of the whole of Australia giving you a damn chunted TER of 99.94%. Congrats bradda, u wan we giv u scholarship la. can bo?"

    Fyi, Curriculum Council is sorta like your Edexcel, SAMSA?(is that what you call the body of education for SAM?), VCE. That kinda thing lah.. It's an organization in charge of the whole of Western Australia's Year12 subs and whatnot. AUSMAT being western australia's Year 12, I had to oblige to its rules and regulations.

    Back to what I got in the mail, came to me as a shocker lah, basically. Here's what I got.

    *Click to enlarge*

    ll, ESL is basically English as a Second Language, lol. And I've got 2 things to say, lol.
    1) English is my FIRST language, haha.
    2) It says guide to good answers - it could be for a grade B or C, or even A!
    (i'm hoping it's an A, lol)

    P.S Okayla, fine.. it wasn't the other day, lol. It was on aneh's birthday. AND I think jon and ram had copies of these too. NOOOOO!!

    Slightly redeemed,
    On a different note, Nothing and Everything go according to plan,

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