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    Cat got your tongue?

    Was heading for lectures in Monash earlier this morning. The same boring route i've taken for two years. The morning rides were always a way for me and my father to communicate. So we use "the Summit way" wherever he drops me off. We were talking about I-forgot-what and I was cursing coz there was a really bad jam and I was gonna be late for my lecture.

    I stopped to realize that an old Proton Saga had brokendown in the middle of the road. When the traffic light turned red, we stopped right beside that Proton Saga and there was an old couple in the car. The man was already out when I stopped there, actually. The old man and I had eye contact, I could see that he was really worried. And, I looked at my dad. He asked me to open the door.

    My dad asked him in cantonese "Have you called yet?". Well, obviously, he was referring to the automotive company or whatever insurance policy he applied for. The old man ignored my dad. My dad, with a sense of persistence, raised his voice and questioned the old man again. The old man turned around and saw my dad.

    The old man's reply was an action. He pointed to his ears and shook his hand in the way most of us say "don't have" or "no". So we came to the conclusion that he was deaf. Sure enough, he was. So my dad offered to ring the automotive company with the phone number that he had on a sticker. I ran down the car and took the car plate number down.

    On a totally different note, apparently, on my way to school, Joo Khiang saw me jotting down the car plate number. Haha. Anyway, I ran back in the car and hastily copied down the number of the automotive company he was under. My dad then dialed the numbers and contacted the company. By the time my father was on the phone, the light turned green.

    The last sight of that old man was him blowing kisses to us, repeatedly. WELL, however gay it may sound, lol, it was his way of saying thank you. Afterall, he couldn't speak nor could he hear. Maybe it was just me but I think he was really grateful, lol - I would.

    Well, I reached my lecture slightly late with the lecturer so pissed at me. But, wtf, right? She's a bitch, lol. And i don't like the subject. I went to school smiling but halfway thru I was already so lost in my lecture. Haha. Thanks for tuning in.

    Goodbye, my brown-eyed girl, I've got my head on twirl,

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