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    Started lectures and classes on monday. I kindaAusmat and the lecturers. They were warmer and friendly but I guess tertiary studies is "strictly business". Was just reminicsing the other day (if you could call it that) 'bout the good times in Ausmat.

    Almost every friday, we used to have English class. Jay, the lecturer, almost never comes on time- if at all. And our classes were about an hour. So we had to find something to do to keep us busy. A friend of mine suggested playing the "Alphabet Game". It was so freaking lame I tell you but aren't the lamest things the most fun? ; )

    So a random alphabet is picked and you've to name something that starts with that alphabet from a given category within a given time limit. So we made the categories "Country, Animal, Fruit, Brand".

    The letter "V" was selected and the clock ran. We were given 90 seconds - fair enough la right? Pre-university students sommore, lol. So i thought to myself.. "What the F**k? Why V? Why V? Omg.. how to pick la..". So I had an idea and asked if it was okay to do it. "Eh, Ram, can repeat my words ah?" and he replied "If it fits then can lah". Okay great.

    My head was pounding and I was thinking of a country, an animal, a fruit and a brand. GAH.
    The time zoomed pass and I had 10 seconds left.. So I do what Malaysians do best. Just ''hantam'' lah.. Then I was done la..

    The points were measured and I got 4/4 points. Haha. The categories again, were Country, Animal, Fruit and Brand. I wrote Vladivostok Vagina Vagina and Vincci. I got a high five from my friends and we had a good laugh, lol.

    You still look great,

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    RakelClark said...

    GAGGRHRGHRGHHHH!H! hilarious...
    Vladivostok vagina vagina vincci
    vagina is an animal an a fruit.
    is vladivostok a place? Venezuela brother! vietnam brother! hahahaha

    ColiNgeow said...

    oh yeah man.. well, i dont think vladivostok is a country, LOL. it's a capital i think.. i'll google it when i'm free, xD. gtg, lol.