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    Live Life.

    Was pondering bout life the other day. Yeah, the usual stuff you guys think about too. What are we to achieve before our expiry dates? Was having a conversation with my mom the other day, that got me thinking.

    Mom : Colin!! Clear the table, sweep the floor la - I have enough work as it is. No maid la, okay?
    Colin : Yea yea, when I get older and make tons of cash, I'll buy you a RR and get you a driver along with a 8 butlers lah.
    Mom : Haha, yeah, I'm hoping for that day to come. And uh, a SLK will do la, or any BMW Sports. One maid also enough la.

    So I smiled and did what she told me to. But that got me thinking. Just realised that most of our dreams are based on materialistic needs. Well, maybe its just that most of us are kiasu OR we can't deny the fact that everything revolves around having money.

    Anyway, back to my notion on our time on earth. I'd say, we have no roles. No individual roles, at least - just the typical ones. Taking care of your loved ones and et cetera. One more thing, c'mon, in this day and age, you cannot live without money. Go on, prove me wrong - or can you survive on love? Haha, bullshit.

    I've asked tons of people what they would want in the later years of their life. Many of them say they want comfortable lives and a balance of everything and anything. Fair enough, I guess I want that too. What about being rich? Well, uh.. I guess most people wouldn't mind being rich but maybe its all the strings attached to being rich.

    I'm going out of topic again, lol. Reverting back to the question, what to achieve? Personally, I dont think there's much to achieve except for personal purposes. There is no set path for you except the ones you set for yourself, really. I may sound naive and all, but think about it. The only limit is what our mind sets our for us.

    I don't really want to achieve anything but I just don't wanna have said "I think I should've done that" later on. In the end, its not what you want to "achieve" that troubles people, its what they cannot OR how they want to live their lives. If living your lives include achieving something then Good Luck!

    I guess I just grazed the surface of what i'm trying to pinpoint but that pretty much sums up the large picture. Enlighten me, leave comments. haha.

    Remember when we used to sing? My brown-eyed girl,

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    liying said...

    i want to be one of the best criminologist and earn loads of money and not live off my husband.. and i want 4 kids and a german shepherd. and of course, other than materialistic needs, i want to disintegrate at Dabrowski's level 5 of Positive disintegration before i reach the age of 40, which will allow me to make sophisticated choices based on my higher moral ideals, and then i want to see my kids excel in sports and academically and have passion in what they do.. then i want to die, be cremated and meet GOD(if there is one) and ask him loads of questions.. oh, and i want to see my friends achieve their dreams too..(that includes you)

    nice post.:)