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    Of Japanese Nature.

    Super Mario Brothers

    I've been looking blatantly at this empty box attempting to conjure ideas and notions when it finally hit me! In school, what were your major problems? Not studies, of course, lol. No way, jose.
    Possibly getting a tons of friends and shit? Nah, not me. I had tons of trouble playing my Playstation games. Holy shit.


    The North American games are easy enough but screw them Japanese ones. Final Fantasy 7, Megaman x3. Just to name a few. Had them inflicting stress on my 10-year old cerebrum. If you guys had a taste of how tough it was to "enhance the armor" or killing the "Weapons". F***, you'd be having high blood pressure at the age of 15. ( Weapons - uber mini-bosses, probably harder than the main boss. lol)

    Final Fantasy 7

    C'mon, i was a kid la, okay? I wanted to live in a world of fantasy and to be summoned from slumber with cash under my pillow - probably tips from the tooth fairy. The game was so hard that it would be guaranteed that some kids would be whipping out their GameSharks.

    Well, I could only remember these two games that terrified my childhood till I was hiding behind my mom's apron strings. Well, Final Fantasy 8 and 9 weren't as tough as 7. Though, weren't as epic. Anyone missed out on Final Fantasy 7? Don't.

    Megaman x3

    I don't know why I'm ranting about this now but I wanted to get back at the makers of the games and tell them to $&#* off and thanks. Great game.

    Okay, that was totally pointless but I guess all my posts are pretty much heading in that direction.

    On a totally different note, heck this website out if you have the time.

    The website is a project run by the World Food Program which aids in providing food to nations of extreme poverty. You're basically tested on your grammar skills and for each question you get right the ad companies sponsor 20 grains of rice. I'm still new to this website and I'm not very sure how it totally works. Please give it a try. It's totally free. Do yourself and others a favour.

    If I could, I would, but it doesn't work that way,

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