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    International Splash Zone.

    Greetings! The most of you should know that the condition of the public toilets in Malaysia which are kinda bad. OKay fine, "bad" is a total understatement of its actual state. It's bloody filthy.

    Nah, I'm not gonna rant on about how my pair of jeans bagged and it swept the floor of the wet dirty toilet floor and absorbed some of the pee pee left by other irresponsible individuals. No, i'm not gonna do that, lol.

    Are you guys familiar with the ISZ? The International Splash Zone. Let me get you a visual reference first.

    Okay, listen up. The person who's at pottie palace labelled 1 could ''splash'' his pee onto the next pottie palace labelled "x" on the right. And P.P(Pottie Palace) number 2 would "splash" onto his left and his right.

    The P.Ps that are labelled "x" is where the potential liquids could splash onto. Try avoiding that. So, ultimately, wherever you pee, the P.Ps on your left and right are your splash zones. At all times, try to limit your splish splash when releasing your bladder stress.

    Splash zones are also for people who want some privacy when taking out their valuables. Naturally, people wouldn't come in too close contact with your valuables, be it money, your car or even your limited edition Y3 shoes - this is no different, lol.

    There are also those toilets that where the International Splash Zone do not apply - like the one above. You can see with your own two eyes that it overcomes the splishy splashy problem. Chun, eh? Toilets that have boards that cover the splash zone are also valid alternatives, lol.

    Well, I was thinking, how much privacy does a person really need? lol. Walk in, unzip, pee, zip, wash up and you're done.

    Thanks for your time,

    P.s. The school term is starting for most people. Put on your thinking caps on! I had mine on.

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