And I'm Thinking,

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    Au Revoir.

    And again, another personal post. Four of my friends that have never been away from Malaysia for studies since I've known them are leaving for their respective universities soon.

    It's 1250 now, Rachel's leaving in 5 hours or so to the States where she's progressing in her education in Rider University, New Jersey. She'll be probably back in a year's time or so. Oh yeah, she's getting a major in Mass Com. Yup.

    Jeremy, the brother from another mother, is leaving for Queensland on Monday, the 21st. Well, we had a farewell dinner for him earlier tonight at Eastin and made him wear pink wings. Good times, good times. Bachelor of Business? well, majoring in Business Management, of all things, lol.

    Heng Yew, the Singaporean Hainam - not that I have anything against Hainams, lol. They make good chicken rice. He's leaving on the 12th for Monash, was it? Not sure really what course he plans to pursue but he wants to get into a lousy course first and transfer to something more prospective after - Amen to that.

    Sheng. HAHAHAHA. Enough said. No idea when he's leaving as well but I think he's bunking with Heng at Melbourne. He'll be walking the streets, or rather, walkways of RMIT ( Royal Melb. Institute of Tech) in month's to come. Kudos to that man! Majoring in P.R, please come back a socialite. Haha.

    Will seriously miss you guys, who's gonna borrow me their PSP? Who's gonna aid me in MahJong? Who's gonna play Poker with me? Oh well, Haha. What about my plans you ask? Well, I'm going to good ol' Monash Malaysia. =)

    Good times,

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