And I'm Thinking,

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    the Yuletide.

    Christmas is just around the corner, undoubtedly one of the most celebrated holidays in Malaysia. A time for giving and more importantly, receiving. Er, I mean, spending time with your loved ones. Yeah, that sounds right.

    I've always had a vivid image of Christmas with loved ones but never had the time for it. Everyone's with their families and relatives - their loved ones. Maybe its because they don't love me, lol. Nah, that's not it. Haha.

    Christmas, again, is a magical time of year. Yup. Christmas songs, Christmas miracles and that Christmas turkey that everyone oh-so-likes. I guess I've never really celebrated Christmas with my loved ones before. Kinda sad? Haha, nah. We're at an emo age, lol.

    Maybe it's the raw awe of the festivities which influences people into believing in Christmas miracles. The decor, the sheer vibes you get from watching them Christmas specials.

    Christmas miracles - do they really occur? Miracles, hmm. Snow in Malaysia? A train ride on the Polar Express? Haha, that's just plain fantasy or dream material.

    I, and probably 85% of the world believes that what we believe in and trust now is based on what we were as kids. So, maybe believing in Christmas miracles was something from a childhood. Maybe. lol.

    Again, Christmas is a magical time of year. Enjoy it with your friends, families and loved ones. And hope that it at least rains hail this year. No one should spend Christmas alone. Hope you've been good this year! Remember, Santa knows if you've been naughty of nice.

    Send your Christmas wishes early this year!

    Have a Merry Christmas,

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