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    Personal Notes.

    Sorry bout the infrequency in blogging updates. I'm not having any material to blog about recently, lol. I'll give the philosophies a break and not think about my results, haha. Yes, yes. AUSMAT people, our results are coming out on the 27th. Pray hard for your Christmas gifts, lol.

    Here are some random snapshots from my day to day journeys. A first, on colingeow.blogspot.com

    If you'd ask me, I'd say this is the world's best invention - Foam Soap.

    Is that how you really spell Poo? or Pooh? Enlighten me, please. =\

    Haha, yeah. It is.

    Wonder where he got his "PreOdua". Haha.

    Scratch that, this is the best invention in the world - the Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser.


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