And I'm Thinking,

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    Mind Over Matter.

    As we grow older, we mature mentally and physically. More importantly, physically. I MEAN, mentally. I think we get smarter and smarter till a certain point where we cant possibly get any more intelligence. Making any sense?

    Think of it as a threshold of a person's capabilities. Some have higher potential limits than others and so forth. But, most people use around 2%-3% of the brain - AT THE MOST. The highest recorded percentage of brain usage was 8%. What happened to the other 92%?

    Anyway, as we get older and smarter, our level of reasoning and logic progresses. With all other reasons/elements aside, would aging ultimately result in a gradual increase in intelligence? As much as I've thought and reasoned, I've always led to other aspects.

    Like, if you didn't get an education or if you just let your mind rot away. Something along those lines would just deter the brain from thinking logically. There's also the dreaded human emotion, eh? Always always clouding judgement.

    Sometimes it's pretty obvious when you look back and reflect on something you've done and realize that it's rather stupid. Mm, sounding rather familiar now, are we?

    Don't confuse the mind with the brain. AND I dont know how to differentiate between the two - my teacher told me once but it was rather complicated.

    Back to emotions and choices, I guess it is/was hard for us to make choices - assuming we've passed the teen angst/MeAgainstTheWorld dilemma. But, we're older now and we've learnt how to deal with our emotions.

    Other than normal intelligence, which enables an individual to pick up/comprehend concepts as smooth as a red hot steaming knife slicing through butter, there also is emotional intelligence. Put it this way, a person with good emotional int. can tell wrong from wrong from right even when throwing a tantrum.

    Which leads to another point - judgement. I would say, as we get older, intelligence increases and judgement gets better. GENERALLY SPEAKING, of course. With most things taken into consideration.


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