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    Matters of the Heart.

    A heart is what separates man from beast. We don't really know for sure if certain animals have emotions at all. I, for one, say that emotions come with intelligence.

    Look at chimpanzees and the other primates, or even dogs - most of which have an established level of intelligence already. They exhibit certain human emotions. Agree? Well, that's just one theory, if you could call it that.

    But it's really ironic. To think of it, it's sorta ironic how the heart controls the most intelligent lifeforms known to man (i.e Man). If intelligence increases, then wouldn't the mind know what to do and rationalize? Well, I guess it comes down to natural instincts to mate and reproduce.

    Interesting, huh? The most intelligent race is governed by its heart. So, I wonder if other less intelligent beings do really have emotions - provided that they have intelligence in the first place, lol.

    True love? Magical emotional suspense within two individuals or just a chain reaction of triggered hormones? You be the judge, I've debated with many on this topic. Some say never associate science with love. Some say true love is a myth, a legend. I don't really know. Love is a very very strong word. (Note : Very very)

    And ultimately, "I love you" is the world's most famous clich├ęd phrase.

    It's surprising, really - the power of "love"(or whatever you may call it). People get distracted and rely so much on that partner. Infatuation and companionship all summed up, LOVE is overrated.

    We get the basic idea of love from movies or books, basically whatever means of feeding the imagination. And we all know how powerful the human imagination is.

    If I could see you in my dreams, I'd spend the rest of my days in the state of slumber.

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    liying said...

    deep, i see another side of you.. we are beasts actually, just governed by law and order, so it is kinda tamed..

    ColiNgeow said...

    haha, nah, it's not that deep, just emo? =] . Yeah, law and order, and a whole lotsa stuff.. not only governed, influenced as well..