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    Do you like your home? Most people associate "house" with "home". Well, in actual fact, in the community I live, most , if not everyone, has a house to stay in. Well, a roof over their heads, at least.

    Home - a simple word and/or concept that even a pre-schooler can comprehend - with ease, I might add. No one really appreciates or understands the true meaning of "home". lol.

    home [hohm]
    A dwelling place together with the family or social unit that occupies it; a household.

    Hmm, well, how would you rank that in accuracy? I'd say its just barely correct. Social unit? If you stayed in a hostel or a serviced apartment and constantly shifted from households to households. You wouldn't be calling any one of those "home" any time soon, would you?

    Wherever home might be, I guess, would be the place of great nostalgic value - possibly of when you were growing up. Yeah, that's the shit. On that swing where you flew 4 feet in the air and grazed your elbow or that "longkang" (drain) which you fell into when you were younger.

    Aahh, fond memories. Basically, home is a place where you've always been since you could remember. For many, it could've been comprised of many homes. What about you?

    Home is not what you make it but what you make of it.


    P.s I'm not sure if my post made sense at all.

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