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    Think about it.
    Would you rather receive a Ralph Lauren polo top, a Guy Laroche dress shirt or that gorgeous Ferragamo dress? Or would you rather have a boyfriend erect a building in your name? Or your girlfriend prepare you a scrumptious meal just for the both of you lovebirds?

    Sigh, Sentimental value, SV [Vs] Material value,MV. There might be no contest at all - or is there? No, really. Personally, SV = MV, if you think about it. Till a certain extent.

    Naturally, everyone has some level of material needs and wants. If you could get a "ciplak" shirt and a reasonably branded shirt for the same price, like duh, get the branded one. And what is the reason?

    Simple, it's what I call a "status push". Everyone wants to be something or accomplish something - be it MV or SV. Most of the time, its MV. It's exclusive and prestigious. Don't be alarmed, lol. People do it all the time. Heck, everyone does it.

    Everyone wants to look and feel good. That's why branded companies feed on these needs. People's emotions and insecurities. I'm speaking my mind, I'm not pointing out any one individual.

    People want to feel good, it's a natural human instinct. C'mon, you want that feeling where all the eyes are on you as you step in the room, right? That boost of self-confidence that everybody needs.

    As I was saying, people want to feel/look good - which, MOST of the time, not 100%, leads to wanting branded items. Yes, the Jimmy Choos and the Stan Smiths. I want a Stan Smith. BACK to the topic, if a your friend new your taste and preferences, s/he would get off his/her ass and get you the present. And again, I'm not "ketuking" or picking on anybody.

    If s/he knew your taste and got you that present, that would ultimately equate in to SV=MV. Agree? Well, some SV has to be put into the MV for it to be a gift. We're at an age where we feel that MV is ''rather'' important - I would say it's ranked #1 nor #5 on our "importance list", but it just is.

    End of post. I might be making no sense at all and yet again, I might be making perfect sense. I don't know. Don't think I've enlightened you but at least I've open your eyes just a 'wee' bit more? Thanks for reading.

    Take off Your Pants and Jacket,

    3 voices:

    Jon said...

    Deep thought.
    But SV trumps MV anytime if you ask me. =)

    JonBankai said...

    i think i'll settle for a compromise.
    SUV is enough for me.


    ColiNgeow said...

    haha, SUV, good one, bankai final mode