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    Poker Night.

    Poker Night. Normally a routine followed after a nice meal with friends which is topped off by supper and/or a movie.

    Time : 7 till late?
    Venue : Jeremy's MahJong table.
    Dresscode : Casual
    Players : 4-6

    Meet the players.

    This is Jing.
    You'll always be happy until..

    Jing : Wtf, Knn, you cheat my money izit?

    There's also Sheng, who enjoys winning. Take a look at his million-dollar expression.

    Let's take a look at that again.

    Mmm, yes, he's esctactic, I'm sure.

    And of course, to the right of Jing, that's Heng.
    Just look at that intense frown. Topped off with that iPod and a Coke.

    That's Jeremy.
    Jeremy: Haih, dulan la, always lose money. Later I ask them spend me la.


    Although the people before you are normal participants of Poker Night, there's still someone missing from the line-up. She can't play simple because she's in the States and she's coming back.
    That's Rachel!!

    Haha, comeback soon Rachel, we miss you!!

    Last but not least,
    Jing, please don't kill me.

    All photos taken by Rachel Gouk. Thank you.

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