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    Monkey Business.

    Ignore this post if you want something less heavy.

    The question on everybody's mind for the past 2 months. Well, it's been at the back of mine since March.

    Where to, after Ausmat? After hope's crushed, dreams fulfilled and plane tickets booked. Where are YOU going? Sent your application for Brown? Melb U.? Queensland? TEE is just a transition phase. A stepping stone, if you will.

    Have you once eyed and yearned to own that object of a desire? Presumably of material value? You wanted it so bad, but it might've been too pricey? Of course you have. Some of you might even think of it as routine.

    You and your parents make a deal. If you nailed your Advanced Calculus paper, that object you were eyeing all this while will finally be yours to keep. Even MORE routine? It's so often in households nowadays that it's embedded that once we want something, we work towards it. And by hook or by crook, we get it.

    What if that system didn't exist anymore? What if, no matter how hard you worked, you could never get it? No, I'm not talking about a girl. What's a dream of getting a MBBS and a TER of 99.95 if you do not have enough funds?

    Yes, welcome to reality. I finally realised how much our parents have done for us to get us to this point. I was extremely selfish as I wanted to go abroad to extend my education. Yes, I know it is for a good purpose. But sometimes, a good purpose is not good enough.

    Isn't the education standard there much higher? Definitely, without a doubt. But, do you know how much a Pharmacist gets for a paycheck? 4k, at the most. That is, after 3 years experience. What about a biochemist? 2k+. =] . Yes, think about it. Education, 100k a year in Aus? You do the math.

    Money is hard to come by. Most of the top 10 richest people in Msia are dropouts. What are you guys gonna do after your degree? Great, so you have a MBa Business from Melb. U. Kudos, good job. But that isn't gonna get you a good pay. 5 years down the road, you'll be making the same or even less than a locally "bred" accountant , seriously. Food for thought.

    I guess, university graduates play it safe. It's like life insurance or a bond. A fresh university graduate with a BSc Biochemistry works as a biochemist. S/he has a cushion to lay on. The road more frequently travelled.

    An individual with virtually no higher education experience starts working at any old shop. He learns the trade and 5 years down the road, start up his own business? But c'mon, he'll get at least 2k right? But that is not the point. It's the mentality. He thinks he doesn't have a degree which gives him a disadvantage over other individuals who do have one. Embeds hunger in a person.

    So, people. Even if you get a degree, expand your horizons. The sky's the limit. People, dare to dream. Travel the road less taken. Possiblities are infinite. Gay post? Maybe, something lingering in my head for the past year.

    Will add pictures of "many many chiobu" when time comes.

    Naive and Young,

    Grab the future by its ass with your magic lasso and let it call you its master.
    I'm up for arguments and discussions.

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    Jon said...

    I knew it!!
    I knew it all along!

    This IS an EMO blog! LOL