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    Miscellaneous lighter notes.

    Pre-Biology Party.

    Sit tight, buckle up. It's gonna be a long post. =]

    Exams are over. Yes, SAM students are still at it, haha. Accounts next Tuesday? AUSMAT and the whole of Western Aus had their Biology paper today. The last of the lot for the pre-med/health science batch. Physics continues on Friday - Good luck guys.

    Went to Ram's party just the other day for Divali. Yeah, kinda cool. Good food, good atmosphere and good company - basically all necessities you would need in the party. The party wasn't THAT great but it wasn't THAT bad, so yeah - mediocre.

    Clockwise from left : Izul, Kin Foong, Topher and Amelia.

    Yes, yes, above is a scene from the oh-so-busy party at Ram's. Too bad Ram isn't in the picture, though.

    Drum roll please!!! And the host for the evening, our beloved Ram. Haha, in a stance that became infamous in a low budget Bollywood movie. LOL!! . It's all good man, thanks for the party, you're a good host. Holy SHIT, take a good laugh. Haha.. Haha. Mm, yeah..

    Your all around nice Indian guy now stripped of his pride - LOL.

    After a long deserved year of hard work, you guys should get a vacation. With anyone, really. Personally, all of us didn't get a well deserved break after SPM. Like less than a month than its January intake? Harsh man, harsh.


    .. "You wanna a trip"?
    That sounds damn wrong. You want to a trip? Wtf? Hahaha..

    Yes, it's from the SSD, Student Services Department.

    Frankly, it's my "home away from home".

    Diversification - yes, most companies do it to increase revenue. Like how Adidas has watches, fragrances, shoes and apparel. Yerp, and Asian countries are catching up. Yea, companies like Sunway Sdn. Bhd. They have a shopping mall(which was previously renovated), a University College and a theme park? What else? Hmm..

    Yeah, wtf man, seriously.. An international school? Well, good idea, actually.. Since Monash moved out, there's been lotta vacant "lots". Entrance ain't too shabby too.

    Album Art.

    12 gut-busting tracks. This pop-punk band will definitely give you the post-Simple Plan feeling.
    Good riffs and powerchords, you can never go wrong with Cartel, Chroma.

    Chroma. 05'

    The adrenaline-pumping band from Florida will get Emo/EmoRock fans glued to their audio sets. This 11-track album rigged with explosive strumming and typical Rock signature notes.

    Don't You Fake it. 06'

    Yes, a PunkRock icon, seriously. o.O
    13 tracks. A kick ass drummer. A rhythm cum lead guitarist cum vocalist. A bassist who does vocals. What else do you need?

    Take off Your Pants and Jacket. 01'

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